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A New Website for the Improved Marketing & Management of 200,000+ Products

Speed and Flexibility of Content Management
Omnichannel Sales Support
Better Business Scalability

The Challenge

Onninen is a Finnish company and one of the world leaders among the suppliers of technical materials. It has been operating continuously since 1913. The organization offers integrated material services for installers, retailers, industry and public institutions in the fields of electrical engineering, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Its range includes more than 200,000 products.

Unity Group was entrusted with the task of replacing the technology on which the Onninen online store for retail customers was based, as well as its connection with the B2B platform.

  • Store migration from traditional content management system to a modern, ready-made Headless CMS adapted to Onninen's needs
  • Implementation of the solution together with the client's employees
  • The company has both B2B and B2C sales channels and new system should lay the foundations for a singular platform

The Solution

  • The project started with technological consulting, defining the concept of architecture based on Headless CMS and a list of recommended technologies
  • The new platform is based on a modern content management system - DatoCMS - which enables the creation and distribution of content across all digital channels from one central panel via API
  • The solution allows for content to be published and edited across all touchpoints in real time
  • Resources are stored in an AI-based library, which simplifies cataloguing, storing and managing them. They can be reused at any time by the marketing team
  • The platform provides ready-made components, which allows employees to efficiently create a template for each page
  • Product pages, dynamic landing pages, content marketing activities and search engine positioning can all be managed by tools within the platform
  • The frontend application was built in React.js and Next.js technologies. It integrates content from CMS with data and functionalities implemented by Onninen's transactional API (e-commerce)

The Result

Speed and Flexibility of Content Management
The content team can efficiently manage 200,000+ products and marketing content without IT involvment.
Omnichannel Sales Support
Managing content from one place allows quick updates for all digital products, as well as adding new devices and sales channels in the future.
Better Business Scalability
Onninen will be able to optimize and develop the website with ease. The solution provides seamless integration with other technologies.
Security Improvement
The implementation of the Headless CMS platform has improved the security of stored data.
Consistent Digital Experience
Based on the new system, the company can create consistent experiences across all touchpoints and deliver the highest level of Customer Experience.
Future Proof Strategy
The headless architecture will make the backend consistent and allow Onninen to launch new sales channels in the future without limits.

A Cutting-Edge B2C E-Platform for Improved Omnichannel Customer Experience


An integrated solution to manage the sale of over 170,000 different products.

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