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Dedicated E-Commerce B2B Platform

Tubądzin Group clients using a multi-level B2B platform
Incoming orders come from the online channel
Users logging in to the platform each day

The Challenge

The Tubądzin Group is not only one of the leading Polish manufacturers of ceramic tiles, but also a leader in innovation in terms of distribution, sales and customer approach. For this company, we have created an extensive B2B e-commerce system that will support their cooperation with over 100 wholesalers, and indirectly more than 1,000 stores and retail outlets. Tubądzin currently has a very wide product range and their catalog includes as many as five home brands.

  • The most important challenge in the project was to account for the extensive sales structure. The distribution network is based on a group of large ceramic tile wholesalers that support smaller retail outlets.
  • The platform needed to reflect a full distribution policy - business partners are divided into Distributors, Retail Outlets, Architects and Contractors.
  • Internal and external integrations were necessary.
  • Tubądzin also need the ability to assign any relationship between clients to one Distributor.

The Solution

  • We have created a dedicated B2B system with a two-stage structure.
  • The platform facilitates work for both distributors and company showrooms, enabling them to place orders directly with Tubądzin Group’s main warehouse via the B2B system.
  • Our dedicated system streamlines and reduces transaction costs between entrepreneurs.
  • Integration with the EPR IFS system and WMS Qquar (Quantum Software) gives partners the opportunity to view online inventory, invoices, settlement history and conducting complaint procedures.
  • The choosen solution supports high performance and scalability.

The Result

Modern B2B platform
A B2B e-commerce sales platform that includes a wide range of assortment and all manufacturer brands.
Numerous system integrations
The platform is fully integrated with external and internal systems.
Satisfied clients
Tubądzin Group clients using a multi-level B2B platform
Increasing online sales
Incoming orders come from the online channel
In every day use
Users logging in to the platform each day
Wide product offer
Sales positions in the system

The Technologies
/ Behind Solutions

E-commerce System Integration


Integration of IT architecture with e-commerce system, ensuring quick data import and acceleration of B2B applications.

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