Solution: Product Information Management (PIM) Industry: Construction Core sector: Retail

Product Information Management System (PIM) Supporting 2 Million Indices

Complete data model
ETIM product classification system
Consistent product data

The Challenge

Kaczmarek Electric S.A. has an extensive network of electrotechnical wholesalers and electrical markets throughout Poland. The company is focused on the energy industry, telecommunications and industrial automation. In addition, its clients also come from the industrial and construction sectors, as well as individual customers.

Kaczmarek Electric S.A. is the most rapidly growing company in the electrotechnical industry in Poland. The Kaczmarek Electric wholesale network has over 100 branches located both in large cities and small towns around the country.

  • The business need that Kaczmarek Electric brought to us was a collection of product information across systems and databases, so that it could apply consistent, standardized content and product attributes.
  • Considering the large product database - about 2 million products - there was a need to implement a system that will allow for simple and efficient management of product data.
  • The delivered solutions made it possible to apply own product descriptions and product classification system (ETIM) in a single form, thereby ensuring consistency of product data
  • Enabling the classification of products according to different category classes - internal classification and ETIM classification.
  • Integration with external systems.

The Solution

  • The implementation of PIM (Product Information Management) for Kaczmarek Electric S.A. required a thorough analysis and close cooperation with the client during the creation of the data model, as the product information was extensive and came from many sources. The target data model was developed during the conducted workshops.
  • We applied an extensive classification and ETIM attributes including the possibility of adding new attributes allowed us to classify products according to different category classes.
  • We introduced solutions in the architecture of the project, which make the application provide maximum performance even though there are many products.
  • The project was carried out in an agile methodology to provide a solution that meets customer needs. The agile approach to implementation made it possible for the client to verify the original assumptions from iteration to iteration, thus allowing for changes to the data model.
  • The application enables integration with external systems, at the same time allowing for it to be developed with a view towards downloading data from the ERP system and making data available to multiple sales channels (B2B, B2C).

The Result

Complete data model
Taking into account all customer needs and different data sources.
ETIM product classification system
Easy storage, grouping and attribution creation.
Consistent product data
Standardization of product data and possibility to distribute to partners and contractors in many formats.
Efficient product data management
Ability to efficiently manage imported product data on a large scale - over 2 million indices.

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