Managed Services

Increase the speed, availability and security of your e-commerce store. Grow your business with ease while with our managed IT services and Amazon Web Service support!


Leave all the technical details, from hosting and performance to optimization and cost control, with our AWS Cloud Management team. Spend more time focusing on expanding your business and making faster profits.

Focused on business

Instead of worrying about IT system management, let your team do what it does best; building your business. If you have your own IT department, we will help them find their way in the new reality.


Optimized and increased competitive advantage

We keep an eye on the development of AWS’ services and actively offer our clients upgrades and improvements, helping you increase your competitive advantage.


System monitoring

To ensure that your system runs on AWS as expected, our team will continuously monitor dozens of parameters that potentially affect continued performance – including traffic spikes and other unforeseen events.


Time saved

All server related tasks, such as updates, patches, backups or other daily operations required to manage your system, will be performed by our team.


Administrative support 24/7 & SLA

You can contact our admin team at any time. They will be ready to help you 24/7/365 to reduce the impact of reported incidents on your business.


Best cloud technology for e-commerce

According to Gartner, AWS is an unquestionable leader in Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services, having the skills, resources and motivation to vertically integrate and deliver solutions to customers end-to-end.


Are you tired of suffering downtime and scalability problems on your e-commerce platform?

We have experience in building scalable architectures for well-known e-commerce platforms, namely Magento and Spryker as B2C portals, paired with Pimcore and Akeneo as Product Information Management systems. of the diversity of AWS cloud services, alongside our expertise and direct collaboration with AWS, ensure reliable and verified solutions that exceed even the most stringent requirements.

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Unity Group
x Managed Services

With over 20 years of experience in working with e-commerce clients, building and integrating trading platforms and tools, we know the challenges you can face in a growing company. 
Working on our clients’ systems, we ensure full access to the results of our work (including the configuration and code) and we encourage each client’s engineers to gain new experience and competences – it's why we share our best practices.

At the same time, based on industry standards, we reduce your risk of vendor lock-in – the solutions we use are known to specialists available on the market. If you ever decide to build such competences in your organization – you have an open path forward.

We are an experienced partner in commerce transformation

We have been carrying out e-commerce projects since 1997. In our portfolio, we have over 500 projects from the areas of B2C, B2B and B2B2C, including projects prepared for the biggest market brands and industry leaders.


We belong to the Amazon Web Services partner network

Unity Group is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Consulting Partner with a dedicated team of specialists in cloud managed services and solutions. We have experience in advising, designing and implementing both the migration and administration of AWS services.


Proven architecture

Alongside highly efficient and scalable architectures for web systems, such as e-commerce, portals and applications, we also place strong emphasis on repeatable Infrastructure as Code for easier installation, alongside the maintenance and transfer of project knowledge in cooperation with your team.


Building long-term relationships

Our team is focused on delivering solutions that makes long-term maintenance possible and painless. We strongly believe that prevention is better than firefighting. Our customers appreciate often leads to further joint projects built on trust.



More than 40 e-commerce solutions managed by Unity Group's team running on public clouds.


For over 14 years, we’ve provided managed services in e-commerce for RTV Euro AGD – just one example of our long-term relationships.


Our experts are certified to help you to design, implement and manage your AWS systems. We’ll keep your operations safe and hassle-free.

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Provision of an Effective Sales Service and Online Store Using AWS


Days such as Black Friday caused a heavy load on the servers that the website became unavailable. This put Lisbon at risk of losing revenue in the mos

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For many, the cloud is an inevitable conclusion – so why wait? You will gain full support of our team. With managed services, you’re in good hands!