Solution: B2C E‑Commerce Industry: Healthcare

Innovative Health Portal with Marketplace Module

Improved Shopping Experience
Expanded Product Range
Efficiency and Scalability

The Challenge is one of the largest and most recognizable healthcare e-commerce platforms on the Polish market, processing several hundred thousand orders per month. Gemini Poland also conducts stationary sales, which take place in almost 300 pharmacies across the country. The company employs more than 4,500 specialists and pharmacists.

Gemini's ambitious business development plans, as well as its desire to maintain its leadership position, led the company to choose Unity Group as its digital commerce transformation partner. Thanks to our openness to modern IT solutions, we implemented Poland's first e-commerce based on Spryker technology, followed by an innovative health portal using marketplace modules according to Gemini Poland's business needs and customer expectations.

  • Prior to our cooperation, Gemini Poland's e-commerce system faced insufficient performance at peak times. A solution was needed to support the brand's strong market position and keep up with ambitious business development plans.
  • When customers shop online, they are looking not only for pharmacy products, but also for complementary assortments, as well as knowledge and the opportunity to consult with specialists.
  • An online pharmacy, due to legal restrictions, does not provide the opportunity to meet these needs. It was therefore necessary to create a place that would allow this.
Patryk Dolewa
Chief Technology and Business Transformation Officer | CIO | CTO

"Our cooperation has lasted for more than 3 years and continues to grow. Unity Group’s role has evolved – from a third-party provider, to a trusted partner with whom we work hybrid – our teams collaborate ‘side by side’ on a daily basis. As a result, the implementation goes smoothly, although the tasks are very ambitious."

The Solution

  • The first stage of cooperation was the implementation of a new online pharmacy based on Spryker technology, as it was the only option that meets the specific needs of Gemini Pharmacy.
  • A state-of-the-art e-commerce engine in a headless approach, combined with a flexible, autoscaling infrastructure in the AWS cloud, enables further development of the application with peace of mind.
  • To facilitate and optimize the work on product descriptions, we implemented a product information management (PIM) system based on Pimcore.
  • The second stage of the project was to transform the online pharmacy into a modern Health Portal with marketplace modules based on Spryker technology, in line with Composable Commerce.
  • The change took place on many levels, including the frontend (based on Headless Vue.js application), organizational, legal, logistic and purchasing areas.
  • To optimize content creation and distribution, we introduced a new headless CMS based on Strapi.
  • This allowed us to make available the Gemini Guide, which gives access to a wide database of articles prepared by health experts, including prevention, diseases and patient rights.
  • Thanks to the "Ask a pharmacist" tab and the use of a simple contact form, customers can get help from a pharmacist regarding the medications used, the selection of equivalents or possible interactions.

The Result

Improved Shopping Experience
The use of innovative technologies related to the Spryker system has improved the user experience of the platform and simplified its use.
Expanded Product Range
Customers can take advantage of the drugstore's wide assortment of products, as well as those available through the mail-order online pharmacy.
Efficiency and Scalability
Spryker Commerce and the AWS cloud are highly scalable, ensuring stable performance even during the biggest sales peaks.
Facilities for Regular Clients
Logging in with a Account provides an even faster ordering process.
Continuous Platform Improvement
The new platform supports A/B testing to refine the customer path and improve conversion rates.
Faster Error Elimination
AWS CloudWatch and Prometheus collect application and service metrics with very high accuracy.
Full Security
Using AWS Well Architected best practices, with full encryption and AWS Web Application Firewall deployed, ensures high security standards.
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Consistent Product Information
Implementing the Pimcore system allows you to maintain consistent, complete product information across every channel.
Deepen Customer Relationships
Personalized product offerings can be tailored to customers' needs.

What We Learned

The long-standing cooperation with Gemini is an example not only of a complex digital transformation, but also of the evolution of cooperation between client and contractor. Our cooperation began with an order for consulting and analytical services, recommendations for the selection of modern technology which was Spryker at the time. As the scope of activities developed, the relationship between Unity Group and Gemini Poland also changed and the level of trust grew.

After replatforming to Spryker and implementing Pimcore, it was time for the next step - e-commerce development to a health portal with a marketplace module. The smooth implementation of the project was also made possible by the synergy of teams on both our side and Gemini Polska, as well as the change in the settlement of implementation from fixed price to time & material. The model developed is an innovative hybrid approach that combines close cooperation, development and combination of competencies on the part of the client and the transformation partner, which our organization has become.

After several years of cooperation, we can confidently say that honesty and trust (and celebrating successes together) are the basis for a healthy, long-term relationship - including in business. Market leaders should not shy away from the risk of innovation - the premium is worth the risk. A hybrid model of cooperation with a specialized partner is a healthy balance between security, flexibility, access to know-how and investment costs.

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