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Multistore in the Outdoor Industry With A Cross-Border Growth Potential

E-Commerce Platform With a Multistore Module
Sales Development in the Omnichannel Model
Improved Shopping Path

The Challenge and are stores owned by the same group. They offer outdoor, tactical and military clothing and accessories. The brand also has 11 physical stores. The total proposition includes 72,000 products from 1,500 brands. With such a large product range, the group is positioned as one of the industry leaders in Poland.

Its stores vary in terms of audiences and products on offer, but they also have many common features, including the loyalty program, pricing policy and logistics. Consequently, the company needed a multistore platform to be able to run several stores within one group. With the company's growth plans in mind, it was important to find a partner with experience in comprehensive e-commerce and PIM system implementations.

  • The company was looking to implement a platform for the development of several stores to meet the needs of various target markets and to achieve technological harmonization of and stores.
  • One of the tasks under the project was also to create a single and cohesive loyalty program in both stores so as to support the group-wide implementation of the omnichannel strategy.
  • It was extremely important to ensure seamless shopper experience and the synergy of online and offline channels. Increasing the convenience of shopping and improving customer experience were also high on the agenda.
  • The challenge was also to choose the right cloud environment in which to run the project, so as to provide infrastructure and other non-functional aspects, while ensuring the appropriate service quality and reliable integration with the existing ERP systems.

The Solution

  • The first step under the project was to gain insight into the needs of Military. On this basis, we implemented an e-commerce solution based on Adobe Commerce (Magento 2 Commerce) and the Pimcore PIM system. This ensures the multistore capability: several storefronts with different domains, but on the same server, within a single platform.
  • The multistore application architecture enables the management of several online stores using a single panel. Customers and their orders are automatically assigned to a specific store, but are also put in a common database. The integration with the ERP system ensures consistency in terms of orders, prices, stock levels, product marketing markings and other areas.
  • The system further enables permissions to be managed – the administrator can give employees access to all or only selected stores.
  • The application can be used to manage various store features, and enable them as needed by the store or for a chosen language version. For example, this applies to the “Tips and Advice” section. It is also possible to add different language versions of the store with a dedicated offer, currency and shipping policy adapted to local legal requirements.
  • The combination of databases of customers using the loyalty program in and online and offline stores greatly facilitates consistent marketing activities.
  • The introduction of new features (e.g. one-step checkout, additional product views) greatly improved customer experience.
  • The PIM system helps collect many product data in a single repository and export them to several stores. In this way, each channel contains up-to-date, relevant data at all times.
  • Multistore is equipped with a host of sales support tools, e.g. personalization of the offer using AI and the marketing automation system, marketing schedules, a thematic blog, an advanced communication mechanism in the purchasing process, and a module generating feeds for external systems.
  • Customers can enjoy a precise product search engine and a map aggregating more than 44,000 pickup locations; they can also check online the availability of products in brick-and-mortar stores. The system supports the quick delivery process: order today by 10:00 p.m. and pick up tomorrow; weekend orders are also handled. All this facilitates the development of multistore capability in the omnichannel model.
  • The implementation of Amazon Web Services in the cloud ensured stability and flexible scaling of resources to fit growing traffic; it guaranteed the desired level of availability of individual sites, high repeatability and performance of the solution.
  • The use of IaC solutions enabled convenient development and management of cloud components.

The Result

E-Commerce Platform With a Multistore Module
The multistore application architecture ensures convenient, comprehensive sales management across all stores from a single panel.
Sales Development in the Omnichannel Model
The synergy of online and offline channels makes delivering a consistent customer experience easier.
Improved Shopping Path
Adding new functionalities and adapting existing ones to current standards.
Joint Loyalty Program
A Loyalty Club shared by both brands supports consistent marketing activities and promotional campaign planning.
Cross-Border Selling
Easy addition of different language versions of the store, adapted to the requirements of a given country.
Convenient and Intuitive Administration Panel
The administration panel, although equipped with many modules and advanced options, is ergonomic and clear for every back-end user.
Efficient Product Data Management
Efficient management of all product data of the entire group is not a problem thanks to the integration with PIM.
Consistent Product Information Across Channels
Customer experience is improved thanks to consistent product information derived from the PIM database.
A Flexible, Growth-Ready Platform
The e-commerce platform flexibility that follows the needs and growth of your business. Ability to expand and add new language versions, without having to build
Highly Available and Auto-Scalable AWS Architecture
The use of the AWS public cloud allows the infrastructure and costs to be scaled to the current traffic and business plans.
Infrastructure as Code
Easy management and expansion are facilitated by defining the whole infrastructure with IaC.

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