Data Migration

Perform data migrations between systems while maintaining data integrity and process continuitiy within your organization.

The right data migration strategy enables flexible and secure IT infrastructure that’s not only compliant with all modern standards, but also benefits from the unlimtied possibilities of high-quality data analysis.

Scalable IT Infrastructure

With scalable IT architecture, you can prepare your organization for growing data collection and processing needs.


Business Continuity and Security

Migrate databases without impacting business continuity and data integrity. Ensure increased data security in your organization.


Cost Optimization

Optimize or reduce the costs associated with operating and maintaining a data warehouse by using cloud or platform solutions instead of a legacy solution.



Use our data migration services to update systems or even adopt new innovative and proven storage technologies.


Improving Performance

Improve data source performance by refactorying queries or databases.

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Provide flexibility with automatic resource sharing and the creation of user profiles.


Why your data migration strategy should head to newer systems, like the cloud?

The ability to store and process quality data is critical to making business decisions or ensuring continuity. A data migration project let’s you clarify and resovle any problems in the source data by bringing them in new, more efficient systems.

Data migration between systems allows you to organize your company’s information, update and modern systems, and enable the efficient use of data with advanced analytics. Our data migration services support your decision-making processes with complete and reliable information.

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Maciej Pondel

Data Science Leader

A graduate of Computer Science at the Faculty of Computer Science and Management of Wroclaw University of Technology. Maciej is also a Doctor of Economics and a lecturer in the Department of Business Intelligence in Management at Wroclaw University of Economics.

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