Continued delivery and integration for fast releases and agile adaptability.

DevOps practices and tools allow to develop applications with a high pace of innovation and change ratio, all while keeping them secure, stable and manageable.

Application reliability

Thanks to continuous testing, critical functions are tested automatically, which in turn helps to develop the application without errors and interruptions in operation.


Knowledge and support during a breakdown

With Infrastructure as code, the infrastructure and configurations are created by software, enabling us to share knowledge about systems, track changes and support disaster recovery procedures.


Rapid problem solving

Full monitoring provides data collection for system and application performance, forming an integral part of DevOps practice, enabling the quick troubleshooting and identification of bottlenecks.


Does your development process meet your business requirements?

An efficient development process enables your team and lets them deliver faster results to better meet business needs.

With the Infrastructure as Code paradigm, your infrastructure team becomes an integral part of your projects and can deploy their work on demand. This results in rapid software changes in response to changing market needs or simply evolving your organization.

Unity Group
x DevOps

For many years, our DevOps team has supported us and our customers’ development teams in building DevOps tools and practices. We’ve developed our working standards on top of leading and well-known tools such Gitlab, Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform, Prometheus or Graphana. Our experience covers both on-premise and cloud-based systems.

High quality of implemented projects

Thanks to our extensive experience with DevOps, we prioritize a close cooperation between development and operational teams, sharing code in subsequent iterations, which ensures we deliver high quality solutions.


Complex support

We help our customers to build efficient development and software maintenance processes. We support each phase of the project lifecycle, starting with the initial kick-off and architecting, ending with the launch and ongoing product maintenance.


Combining DevOps and Agile methodologies

We work in projects in an iterative way and in subsequent sprints. Thanks to this method, each time we deliver the code, we collect feedback to eliminate errors. This agile approach allows us to deliver high quality results in our work.


Cooperation and communication

When implementing our projects in the DevOps methodology, we rely on close cooperation and communication between technical teams to ensure that the final product meets client expectations.



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With our expertise, your business is always in good hands. If you want to adapt and answer any challenge, let’s discuss our agile DevOps strategy can help you stay, well... agile!