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Increased Sales & Improved Shopping Experience

Increasing customer satisfaction
<sales.transformed> Award
Multichannel Retailer of the Year

The Challenge

Based on an analysis of the needs and business objectives of Euro Net Sp. z o.o., we created a dedicated e-commerce system for the leading brand that in the home appliances and electronics sector in Poland. RTV Euro AGD is the first nationwide, specialized retail network and at the same time the largest e-commerce platforms in the country.

We launched the platform with the goal of improving the client’s sales and marketing processes.

  • The aim of the new online store, as one of many sales channels, was to be not only innovative, but first and foremost reliable.
  • Correct display of wares on sale.
  • An extensive tips and information section.
  • The creation of dedicated sub-stores for selected brands or products.
Anna Bogdańska
Director of Digital Development

"Quite often, the requirements are not precise, looking like minutes from a brain storming session. Unity Group leads us through details. They challenge Euro with very precise questions and listen patiently to imprecise answers until both parties feel comfortable that the final result will meet expectations."

The Solution

  • We meticulously developed a robust and comprehensive e-commerce system delivering a high level of sales efficiency.
  • The correct display of wares on sale is powered by an advanced search engine, allowing users to search and compare products using filtering criteria.
  • The website offers an extensive tips and information section, and also allows for the creation of dedicated sub-stores for selected brands or products.
  • The catalogue structure makes it possible not only to provide very detailed information to shoppers, but also lets them compare and select products based on a large range of parameters.
  • Along with the multilevel product catalogue, another essential component of the system is the online orders module.

The Result

Transparent Presentation
Capacity to freely set a range of parameters describing products from various categories.
Increasing Customer Satisfaction
Ability to provide customers with very detailed information, as well as to compare products and select them according to any parameters.
System Reliability
A robust and reliable e-commerce B2C system meeting the needs of the client, a leader within it’s market segment.
Platform Integration
Integration of the platform with the client's ERP system.
E-Commerce Supported
Today, the RTV Euro AGD online store is as important a distribution channel as its brick and mortar stores.
Advanced Search Engine
Search and comparison functions with a broad selection of parameters.
<search.supported> Award
First place in the Online Stores Ranking 2013 in the category of Electronics and Domestic Appliances.
Multichannel Retailer of the Year
At the Shopping Center Forum, was recognised for excellent customer service practices in 2014.

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