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B2B E-commerce Application for Presenting Products During Virtual Fairs

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A new tool for pandemic
Speed of system implementation 

The Challenge

Fabryki Mebli "FORTE" S.A is one of the largest European manufacturers of high-quality self-assembly furniture, existing on the market since 1992. It has six production plants and around 800 new designs are introduced to its range each year. "FORTE” furniture is available in all major retail chains and numerous furniture stores across over 45 countries. For 25 years, Fabryki Mebli “FORTE” S.A has also been listed on the Stock Exchange.

"FORTE” asked Unity Group to prepare an application which would allow the presentation of all available products during a virtual furniture fair with the possibility of marking interest in the products. Additionally, the service included interesting information about the company.

  • Together with "FORTE" we worked out the vision of the target application and its functions.
  • The solution needed to be quickly tailored and implemented to a specific type of event.
  • "FORTE" also wanted to organize the data about products that are shown in the application.
  • The company also wanted to make it possible for users to mark interest in products.
  • Products needed to be shown in different shots, views and perspectives (e.g. open and closed wardrobe).
Marcin Jesiotr
Project Office Manager
Fabryki Mebli “FORTE” S.A

"The pandemic changed our daily work overnight but it also changed our plans for fairs. “FORTE” regularly presents its latest collections at such events, also in a virtual way, and, thanks to the virtual presentation platform, we were able to show 65 such new ranges from our offer, leading to fruitful virtual meetings with customers. Our sales team also appreciated the platform and we already know we’ll use it to present our next collections at the next events."

The Solution

  • Together, we first thoroughly analyzed the business context in which the application is to operate, in order to determine its final shape.
  • We chose Shopify as a key technology, as we could adjust its functionality to the FORTE's expectations.
  • We extended the functional scope of Shopify with the necessary elements, complimenting the platform with features and solutions prepared especially for this project.
  • Product data was also analyzed in order to extract the structural basis for which we could build the product data architecture.
  • The purchase path was also tailored to the needs of salespeople and contractors.

The Result

Rich content
The platform presents the latest products in an attractive, configurable way.
A new tool for the pandemic
The platform enables product presentations during virtual fairs.
Multiple languages supported
"FORTE" is also supported in foreign markets .
Reduction of costs 
Low platform maintenance helps save expenses .
Speed of system implementation 
The application was implemented in a very fast and short time, while maintaining high quality.
Marketing analysis
Knowledge of customer behavior and interest in products provide greater insights.
Availability on any device 
Possible to use the platform regardless of the selected device.
Clear UX layer 
We utilized the know-how of one of the best UX agencies in Poland for optimal usability. 
Marcin Jesiotr
Project Office Manager
Fabryki Mebli “FORTE” S.A

"Thanks to a great cooperation with Unity Group, we were able to prepare an attractive virtual presentation of products – delivered within a reasonable budget and implemented within short deadlines. Unity Group’s professional consultancy, paired with their commitment, enabled us to successfully present our latest collections to over 50 clients. With future modifications, we are confident that together we can make it even better."

What We Learned

We needed a more dynamic approach cooperating with Fabryki Mebli “FORTE” S.A in response to the changing market conditions during the 2020 pandemic - we had to quickly re-design the requirements and provide a technological recommendation in response to the business needs in a short time.

For this reason, we only selected the elements of the application necessary for meeting the objectives, which had to be implemented in order to deliver the project in the timeframe expected by the company.

Thanks to our experience from many projects in the area of digital sales transformation, we were able to offer a solution designed to support sales during events such as virtual trade fairs.

Choosing Shopify technology for the implementation of the application, we knew that we would have to both develop the native functionalities of the platform, as well as design new ones to meet the design objectives of the client.

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