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Email Marketing Implementation for Greater Freedom & Faster Campaigns

Faster Processes
Expenses Saved
Uncapped Messaging

The Challenge

Nest Bank SA operates in Poland with offers for both individual and business customers. In each case, email is one of the most important channels for communicating with recipients. Emails are used, among others, to send newsletters on new banking products and loans.

  • A single campaign took at least 3 days to create and sending the emails was a long and complex process.
  • Making corrections was also not easy, impacting message delivery time.
  • Furthermore, campaigns required the involvement of not only employees, but external agencies which added to the costs.
  • This also meant that the company’s own employees couldn’t access basic campaign data, including vital performance indicators.
  • Nest Bank wanted to remove their reliance on third parties but still retain the high quality of their brand guidelines.

The Solution

  • Nest Bank already had a Kentico license, so extending this to cover email marketing tools was the best option.
  • Since Kentico is a complete Digital Experience Platform, the company not only used the email module in the CMS to meet wider marketing needs, but they also removed their dependence on third party agencies.
  • Through the creation of a dedicated email template, we significantly shortened the campaign creation process - while also adding flexibility via widgets.
  • Thanks to the analysis module, the organization now has access to detailed data about campaigns and can measure the success of their actions.
  • Because Kentico has a shared library, buttons and graphical elements from the website are now used consistently in the newsletters.
  • Since the CMS is also part of the platform, it’s easy for Nest Bank’s teams to find the appropriate places in the website structure for emails to direct to.

The Result

Faster Processes
Emails are no longer based on HTML, which makes preparation easier. Widgets and ready-made email templates shorten worktime.
Expenses Saved
Nest Bank no longer pays external agencies and does everything on its own. It can also send an unlimited number of messages without generating additional costs.
Ensuring Delivery Control
Employees can plan their next deliveries in advance, manage their schedule and make corrections at any time.
Brand Unification
Thanks to a shared resource library on the Kentico platform, brand elements available on the Nest Bank portal can be pulled into an email template.
Independence from External Agencies
The bank no longer relies on external agencies. Thanks to the intuitiveness and training with our team, employees quickly learned how to use it efficently.
Process Automation
With email marketing automation, the team is free to focus on wider marketing efforts without compromising quality.
Uncapped Messaging
Kentico supports unlimited messages without additional costs, unlike previous third party options.

The Technologies
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Custom Web Portal for Improved Customer Experience

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A custom web portal for improved banking functionality and next-level customer experience. All of which lead to higher conversion rates.

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