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A Custom CMS and Full IT System Integration for Easier Administration and Maintenance

Full integration
Lower costs
Faster update

The Challenge is the leading inter-city express bus service operator in Finland. The site was launched in July 2014, quickly garnering popularity with consumers thanks to its affordable ticket prices and the high quality of the services rendered – the carrier’s coach fleet are among the most modern in Europe.

The project’s main goal was to implement a CMS to match the rapidly-changing business needs of and

  • Enabling visual control when introducing content.
  • Creating an intuitive administrative panel.
  • Decreasing database loads.
  • Laying the foundations for further system expansion.
Bernard Gołko
E-commerce/Digital Director Europe & Board Member

"Unity Group once again showed its professionalism by delivering the project on time (with a short deadline in mind) and approached it with the creativity and responsiveness of an F1 race car!"

The Solution

  • After analysing the needs of, we recommended the implementation of an open-source CMS, customised to specific needs. Its open code and free licence were helpful in adapting the solution to the individual needs of the client and the nature of the business.
  • Even the basic functions of the CMS enable the client to conveniently manage content and preview changes, as well as making it possible to fully control the layout of the site and publish subpages and posts that take into account multiple language versions.
  • System users can also easily manage the media library and define the sequence in which banners and menu elements are displayed.
  • Custom modules written by our team and added to the solution enable the client to display news, announcements and more unique pages, such as FAQs and Terms & Conditions, as well as timetables.
  • The entire service is thus the result of combining the base solution responsible for transactions and ticket sales, a content management system and a Live Data Panel, which makes it possible to view current sales and also serves as support for the Customer Service Department.
  • All below elements communicate using an API that we wrote during the implementation.

The Result

Full integration
Complete integration with the company’s existing IT architecture systems.
Lower costs
Decreased maintenance costs by making it possible to introduce changes without tampering with the core system.
Faster update
Increased update speed.
Ease of service expansion
Laid the foundations for the system’s further development, depending on the needs of the company.

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