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Custom Web Portal for Updated Offer & Sales

Better offer presentation
More qualified leads
Customer service costs reduction

The Challenge

As one of the leading Polish telco providers, Multimedia sought new sales models for its expanding range of products and services. The company also looked for ways to enhance the presentation of its offer to existing customers and, subsequently, reinforce its brand.

The MMP team was looking for e-commerce solution for its services, that would equip them with a lead generation system linked with an in-house call centre. It also needed sound IT infrastructure that would ensure the flexibility and speed of assembling and adjusting custom offers.

  • Improved online presentation of the offer of Multimedia Polska.
  • The integration of online lead generation tools with the in-house call centre and other systems.
  • The creation of an individual offer configurator and advanced service bundling.
  • Partial brand enhancement efforts of the client.

The Solution

  • Path to purchase – Website users can configure a custom offer. The globally designed system lets them easily adjust the values of all elements in their cart. Once happy with the order, users can fill in a contact request form, which is passed on to the MMP call centre.
  • Product relations – This module enables users to expand their offer with additional services and products. Clients can verify if all their order details are correct as the extension creates different types of relations between products, such as Require, Exclude and Group.
  • Service bundling – The solution enables the users to assemble a custom bundle and immediately learn its price, but also send it to the call centre.
  • Service availability check – Before requesting a service, users can check if it is available in a given postcode area. As a result, the system no longer generates orders that would have to be cancelled after verifying their availability.
  • Multimedia Customer Zone – Key pieces of information are now displayed in one place, including the helpline numbers, Customer Service Centre finder or details of the product bundle. Local search engine enables finding relevant website content.

The Result

Better offer presentation
Reduced cost of handling customer inquiries due to improved online presentation of Multimedia products and services.
More qualified leads
More sales-qualified leads thanks to the service bundling functionality.
Customer service costs reduction
The Client Zone answers queries that would otherwise be manually handled by consultants.
Faster sales process
Accelerated sales cycle due to integrated customer touchpoints.
Improving market position
Reinforced brand authority and loyalty owing to user-friendly interface and consistent quality of the Multimedia web service.
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