Digital Experience

Implement personalized experiences across all digital channels with real-time adaptability.

Manage the information about your offer efficiently and present it attractively in many channels while taking care of the highest level of Customer Experience.

Multiple touchpoints handling

Save time and effort delivering content to various touchpoints by providing consistent Customer Experience from a centralized position.


Personalization at scale

Integrations with other systems provide a 360-degree view of each customer and help you target the right recipient at the right time.


Extended analytics

Built-in AI provides valuable insights and precise predictions across touchpoints, helping to deliver customer the right offer.


Marketing automation

Provides recipient-relevant content at the right time and help to easily optimize marketing campaigns.


Higher conversion rates

Based on the analysis of user behaviour, we will optimize the customer journey so your portal can convert better.


Better User Experience

We’ll help you increase usability by detecting areas for improvement, pointing out recommendations and implementing changes.


Experiences that engage customers

The modern user is active across many channels and devices. For this reason, companies need to consider the experience they are offering recipients not only on phones and desktop computers, but also the different locations in which their content appears.

From typical on-page experiences to targeted promotions and advertising, Digital Experience Platforms are built with this holistic view in mind. A complete solution for a complete customer journey.

Artur Kiełbowicz
Project Manager
Nest Bank

"The team has a smooth workflow, good communication, and high-quality developers and testers who ensure their end products are excellent quality."

Unity Group
x Digital Experience

Thanks to our broad expertise, we understand how users behave. Whether it’s e-commerce, a dedicated business channel or a content-driven strategy, we know how to implement the solutions that work best with human users in mind.

Because of this, we can guide you in transforming your entire Digital Experience solutions, improving each and every channel.

Fast time-to-market

Our agile approach puts the emphasis on fast product delivery that fully meets customers’ needs.


Trusted technologies

We work with the best technologies to provide clients with the most reliable and safe solutions.


Upskill your team

We will provide you with support and train your team to use the tool on their own.


24/7 SLA & maintenance

We will guide you through the whole process, provide further system development and support.



Years of experience


Projects implemented
Kentico Xperience certified

Goals Achieved
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Client Panel for Top Customer Service Standards


One of the leading real-estate developers in Poland turned to us with their need of an easy-to-use tool that would improve after-sales service.

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Email Marketing Implementation for Greater Freedom & Faster Campaigns

Nest Bank

We helped client remove the reliance on third parties and quickly and efficiently manage e-mail marketing campaigns.

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Custom Web Portal for Updated Offer & Sales

Multimedia Polska

Unity Group provided company with sound IT infrastructure ensuring the flexibility and speed of assembling and adjusting custom offers.

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