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Consistent Branding for Multiple Brands
Easy Content Management
Rapid Expansion to New Markets

The Challenge

LUX MED Group is the leader of private medical care in Poland, as well as part of the international Bupa Group. In order to strengthen its market position, LUX MED intensively develops its own 270 medical facilities, as well as the 3,000 partner facilities, and continues to expands the company’s offer with new business areas such as hospitals and rehabilitation centers. The company’s services are already used by more than 2.5 million patients.

Strategically, LUX MED Group emphasizes continual development. The group wishes to become a key partner in the healthcare sector as whole rather than just as the medical consultation stage.

  • Due to rapid business development through expansion and acquisition, the LUX MED Group had a large ecosystem of communication channels, including numerous websites dedicated to various elements of the offer, and often to various companies.
  • Due to the extensive offer, LUX MED faced the challenge of providing a user-friendly presentation of their various services, as well as providing easier online navigation for their customers.
  • The introduction of new products and updating content, likewise, required time and development work due to the specifics of the CMS.
  • When it came to exchanging such tools for their main service – – the company required that any new solution would ensure consistency of communication, shorten the time needed to launch new services within the LUX MED Group and reduce the overall costs of maintaining digital channels.
  • The implementation of the new content management system (CMS) was to be the first step towards unifying digital communication at both the visual and tool level.
  • The LUX MED Group also wanted to optimize the customer's shopping path, with the main website acting as the central hub.

The Solution

  • The first step to creating a new website was design and technology consulting, which we carried out together with EDISONDA, a company specializing in business design.
  • During the UX and UI design consulting, EDISONDA conducted usability tests of the website and prepared mock-ups and graphic screens.
  • On the basis of the conducted consulting, based on the headless approach, where we separated the frontend from the backend, we started to create the front views of the main website (i.e. what the user sees when entering the website).
  • The backend part, i.e. the tool enabling the operation of the new web portal, was created, regardless of the front layer, in the Storybook.
  • Such a separated headless architecture allows for the flexible and easy introduction of changes by the user from the CMS level, because it is independent of other parts of the system.
  • The CMS user (marketing department) also has the ability to expand pages and fill them with content, without the interference of technical departments.
  • The website has been hosted in the Azure cloud, thanks to which we have minimized the possibility of possible failures or disruptions to the system.
  • The cloud has also increased the security of portal users' data.
  • The target users of the website, i.e. LUX MED customers, are presented with a static version of the website (the so-called SSG approach, i.e. "Static Site Generation"), which affects the speed of loading pages and performance in case of problems with server operation.

The Result

Uptime & Availability
Static web pages and Azure cloud hosting enable faster server operation and fewer 404 errors.
Cost Reduction
The use of PaaS & SaaS cloud services reduce costs.
Rapid Expansion to New Markets
Thanks to the use of and a Design System, LUX MED can quickly and easily expand the website with new subpages and brands, in many languages.
Accelerated Development Process
The Design System provides significantly lower costs & a shorter time for creating new products. This also enables website components to be reused.
Consistent Branding for Multiple Brands
Thanks to the use of the Design System and around 170 components, LUX MED can create new brands and develop its offer without worrying about inconsistency.
Faster Page Loading
Thanks to the use of headless CMS and Static Site Generation, pages load much faster and prevent server errors.
Increased Security
By moving to Microsoft Azure services, the site is now equipped with advanced security measures.
Easy Content Management enables simple and quick content management, without requiring the development team

The Technologies
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Streamlining Communication & Content for a Healthcare Leader


With 2.5 million patients, LUX MED wanted an efficient way to strengthen its market position.

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