Create a modern IT architecture using the legacy systems, applications, APIs and SaaS services that your company already uses.

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator is a powerful, scalable and open source platform dedicated to building, maintaining and developing innovative IT infrastructure able to easily process billions of transactions.

Combine any system or application

WSO2 has built-in support for a wide range of protocols (HTTP, AMQP, gRPC, SOAP), standards (OpenAPI, REST), databases, queues (Kafka, RabbitMQ, JMS), SaaS APIs (Salesforce, S3, SQS), systems (SAP).


Compatible with cloud environments

It has container-friendly, very light manufacturing environments, working seamlessly with Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus and other cloud-based native technologies.


High and low-code integrations

Both code-driven (via the ballerina language) and low-code (via GUI) paths are available when using WSO2 integrations.


Intuitive "drag and drop" interface

Thanks to visual mapping and sequence diagrams, WSO2 is incredibly easy to use.


Traditional ESB or distributed integrations

Microservices (with Micro Integrator) or traditional, centralized ESB-based options gives flexibility when designing and implementing integration architecture.


Data streaming & analysis

WSO2 provides scalable data streaming and event-based integration, with the possibility of connecting any source to any destination.


Explore other WSO2 tools

WSO2 technology is a package of ready-made tools, namely WSO2 Enterprise Integrator, WSO2 API Manager and WSO2 Identity Server, which will enable you to carry out integration projects in accordance with an agile working methodology.

WSO2 API Manager – an enterprise-class solution that supports API publication and full lifecycle management.

WSO2 Identity Server – an identity and privilege management server that provides security when managing them in different applications.

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WSO2 Certified Partner
E2E Process
Flexible Cooperation Model

WSO2 Certified Partner

We are an experienced team of experts in the field of IT systems integration based on the WSO2 technology. We will provide you with a solution that guarantees security, efficiency and reliability.

E2E Process

We will talk about your project and challenges. Together we will choose the solution that best meets your business goals. We will advise, design, implement, maintain and further develop the system.

Flexible Cooperation Model

Whether you need a remote team of programmers or more dedicated services, we will adapt our work model to your needs.

Goals Achieved
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100% Consistent and Secure Data Infrastructure


Streamlining data exchanges with WSO2

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New Ticket Channel with 2,500+ Points of Sale


Dedicated system for chain of convenience stores equipped with POS - ticket machines enabling customers to purchase bus tickets.

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One Step Ahead of the Competition – Interactive Points of Sale


Streamlined and integrated processes, systems and information along the customer journey - Interactive Points of Sales.

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Mobile Application Based on React Native


Fast, efficient mobile application in JavaScript for two platforms - iOS and Android.

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A Custom CMS and Full IT System Integration for Easier Administration and Maintenance


We implemented a CMS to match company's rapidly-changing business needs. The result was increased update speed and lower maintenance costs.

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Our Experts
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Integration With CSIRE – the Biggest Challenge to Poland’s Energy Market Through the Eyes of an Expert 

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Together, we can align WSO2 with your objectives

We use WSO2 to connect your wider systems for next-level efficiency and automation. Let’s start the process with a quick message – get in touch and let’s talk!