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Migrating Scooter Rentals to Azure in Under 24 Hours

High Availability
Lower Costs
Scalable Service

The Challenge

GOVECS Group is a leading manufacturer of electric scooters in Europe, providing new mobility solutions to meet challenges such as urbanization and climate change. Focusing on safety and efficiency, the company offers scooters tailored to everyday needs. GOVECS' two-wheelers are manufactured for scooter rental companies and food vendors, among others. Along with manufacturing, the company has and continues to develop its own white label rental platform as well.

In a desire to ensure the highest security of customer data, as well as the continuity and low failure rate of the scooter rental platform and application, GOVECS decided to move the entire system infrastructure from local servers to a cloud-based model.

  • The company wanted full control over where and how their platform was hosted.
  • User data security was vital - limiting third-party access to only essential information was a must.
  • The migration had to take place without changes to the business process to ensure the system was continually active and available.
  • This also meant not disturbing the company’s client-facing apps during the migration.
Rafał Cymbrykiewicz
Project Manager

"We were looking for a company to help with setting up a cloud infrastructure and data migration in very limited time. Unity Group was not only able to resolve our problems but showed us alternative solutions. By delivering a tailor-made solution in time for GOVECS, Unity Group proved to be a thrustworthy partner."

The Solution

  • First, we analyzed the source code and architecture of the app to recommend the best cloud architecture and migration strategy.
  • We prepared a new infrastructure in the Azure environment using PaaS and IaaS components to optimize processes for the new cloud environment where possible
  • Based on Azure DevOps Services we implemented CI pipelines which automate a process of apps and docker images creation.
  • We migrated data from the currently deployed environment to cloud resources based on Lift & Shift approach with usage of ARM (IaC). This mean that the entire environment runs in the cloud, with many parts optimized to take advantage of the new infrastructure.
  • The mobile applications were also updated and adjusted to the new Azure cloud.

The Result

High Availability
Thanks to the cloud, there is a greatly reduced likelihood of failure.
Lower Costs
With a public cloud, the company is free of associated admin costs from previous service providers.
Scalable Service
Govecs has a go-to space for backups, historical data and other requirements, ready as needed without limitations.
Customer Data Secured
System providers & unauthorized third parties are unable to access customer data.
Low System Failure Rate
Cloud services enable fast system creation, restoration and backup generation.

What We Learned

At the stage of system migration there appeared additional requirements related to changes in mobile application, which were not defined before. Thanks to the fact that Unity Group has on board experts specializing in various technological areas, it was possible to perform the unplanned tasks without any problems.

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