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New Page Concept
Safety Recommendations
Development Roadmap

The Challenge

LUX MED Group is the leading private medical care provider in Poland and part of the international Bupa Group. In order to strengthen its position on the market, LUX MED intensively develops its own 270 medical facilities alongside 3,000 partner facilities, expanding their offer with new business areas such as hospitals and rehabilitation centers. More than 2.5 million patients already use the company's services.

As part of its strategy, the LUX MED Group emphasizes that it plans to further develop its offer, becoming a partner for its clients in both health and illness.

  • Rapid business development through expansion and acquisition meant that LUX MED now has a large ecosystem of communication channels, in particular websites.
  • When replacing the main service – – the company set itself the goal that the newly selected tool would ensure a consistency of communication, shorten the time of launching new services within the LUXMED Group and reduce the costs of maintaining digital channels.
  • The implementation of the new content management system (CMS) was to be the first step towards unifying digital communication at both the visual and solution level.

The Solution

  • The project of implementing a new CMS for over 25 entities in the LUX MED Group, due to the size of the challenge, has been divided.
  • First, the consulting stages were carried out. The scope of the project included two main areas: User Experience (UX) and Design (UI) and IT Architecture. For this project, the LUX MED Group chose the offer of two companies. We carried out the project together with EDISONDA, which specializes in the area of business design. We were responsible for IT issues using our experience from the implementation of large and complex websites and Digital Experience.
  • The aim of consulting was to analyze and collect requirements in order to recommend the best solutions for both UX and technology. The analysis concerned both the B2B and B2C customer experiences, as well as IT architecture and security procedures. The key challenge was to define the place of the website in the digital product ecosystem of the LUX MED Group.
  • In the first stage, the EDISONDA team conducted usability tests of the current website, analyzing the behavior of both LUX MED Group customers and people who do not use the company's services on a daily basis.
  • In the next stage , we prepared the concept of a new website based on key mock-ups along with information architecture.  
  • Then, the remaining mock-ups and graphic screens were created for the selected web concept and the basic web style guide (desktop and mobile).
  • In parallel to the UX work, we conducted technological consulting. As part of this, we have prepared IT architecture along with maintenance recommendations, assumptions regarding the integration of the website with other platforms, and our recommendation for the best CMS technology.
  • Unity Group analyzed the client's requirements and compared two potential implementation options. The monolithic solution, based on large DXP (Digital Experience Platform) platforms, such as Kentico or Sitecore, was compared with the " headless" variant. As a result of the work, we recommended the implementation of the project based on the "headless" approach and the platform.
  • In addition, we presented a proposal for IT architecture along with a policy of data exchange and integration between platforms. We also took into account the exact schedule of work and implementation costs.
  • Regarding the security and processing of personal data of website users, security and IT policy, we recommended building a web ecosystem based on a CMS operating in the SaaS (Software as a Service) service model and the use of cloud services (Microsoft Azure).
  • One of the key conditions for success was to gather the requirements and needs of such a large organization as the LUX MED Group. In the project, we listened to and reconciled the needs of 3 stakeholder groups – business (understood as sales and marketing), IT and security. This allowed us to design and recommend the best and most future-oriented digital solution.

The Result

New Page Concept
Development of a new website based on customer research and UX Design
Flexible Headless CMS Approach
Recommendation of Headless CMS as a platform for the easy communication management of 25+ sub-brands
Safety Recommendations
Security of user data with SaaS services and the MS Azure cloud
Integrated Communication
Simple communication and integration between platforms thanks to the headless approach
Development Roadmap
Creating a strategy for the use of CM in the digital product ecosystem of the LUX MED Group

The Technologies
/ Behind Solutions

Serving 20+ Leading Healthcare Brands With 1 CMS


With one CMS, LUX MED can seamlessly manage content across all their brands.

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