PHP is a web-friendly language that's very efficient for server side scripting and operations. It's ideal for companies that need system stability and the ability to create out-of-the-box solutions.

Stability, security, speed, capacity - there's a reason why PHP is the preferred programming language for many companies. It is widely used by both small enterprises and the biggest tycoons.

High performance and speed

PHP can be used on any platform, and the results can be viewed in a web browser (in the form of pages and sites) and mobile applications. It enables simple integration with other websites and database engines.


Low implementation costs

PHP is an open source solution and can be used completely for free. Additionally, there are countless libraries and frameworks available. This significantly reduces the cost of using it in web development.


Maximum scalability

PHP guarantees appropriate and simple scalability. It can be used regardless of the size of the implemented project, making it suitable for both small and large projects.


Widely supported

PHP is one of the most dynamically developing programming languages. Thanks to the wide support of the international community it is constantly being improved, stabilized and future-proofed.


Object Oriented Programming

PHP currently uses the object-oriented programming paradigm. Thanks to the modular structure individual parts of the code can be easily implemented in another program. This works especially well for large projects where many specialists work together.


Simple code syntax

Code clarity and its ordered structure ensure PHP remains very easy to learn by programmers. This directly translates into flexibility and a minimization of errors that may occur during work.


Why do we recommend PHP?

PHP is an extremely developed and constantly improved scripting programming language, with the versatility required to answer the needs of even the largest IT projects. It has a mature ecosystem supported by a wide international community, creating many effective solutions in the form of frameworks and libraries - many times available completely for free. This both lowers the entry threshold for this technology, but also reduces costs and speeds up implementation time.

It is worth emphasising that PHP is used in many key systems and technologies, such as Spryker, Magento, Pimcore and many others. Its scalability allows for precise adjustment to a particular project - from the smallest to the largest global undertakings. Its popularity is also important. According to Wappalyzer, PHP is currently used by 77% of all websites and web portals. Thanks to this, there's next to no risk of this language getting old, outdated or irrelevant.

PHP is recommended to companies that demand more and are looking for a proven and efficient backend layer for websites and mobile applications. With PHP, even the most complex projects can be realized.

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Unique Price Management System for B2B Trading Platform


B2B e-commerce platform with a unique price management system to support contractor operations.

<customers.reached>  <accounts.managed>  <users.enabled> 

Sales up +140% & Stable Operations Ensured for E- Commerce


Increase in the number of online orders and better platform performance.

<revenue.grown>  <customers.engaged>  <network.enabled> 

Effective and Efficient Management of Thousands of Products With PIM

Polwell / Fale Loki Koki

With the ever-increasing number of items on offer, the company wanted to implement a solution that would ensure consistency and eliminate errors.

<process.optimized>  <sales.supported>  <marketing.enabled> 

198% Increase in Conversion Rate With New B2B Platform


The largest distributor and manufacturer of pneumatics has decided to open its sales to all companies and enterprises.

<commerce.transformed>  <conversion.increased>  <sales.increased> 

A Cutting-Edge B2C E-Platform for Improved Omnichannel Customer Experience


An integrated solution to manage the sale of over 170,000 different products.

<sales.expanded>  <increased.availability>  <omnichannel.commerce> 

Product Information Management System (PIM) Supporting 2 Million Indices

Kaczmarek Electric

Standardization product information with automation and agility.

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