Solution: Process Automation Industry: Transport

Number of Operated Routes Increased by 183% in 3 Years

Ensuring business stability
Access to knowledge about customers and sales in one place
99.6% availability of business-critical system

The Challenge is the leading inter-city express bus service operator in Finland, offering two distinct service concepts: and OnniBus FLEX. The company launched its operations on the 1st of January 2011. Since then, they have become one of the biggest brands in Finland, revolutionizing the mass transport industry by making bus travel once again a competitive alternative to trains and private cars. 

OnniBus needed a new and expanded system both for frontend and backend actions. The challenging aspects included improving an existing solution delivered by a previous IT contractor.

  • Speed up the publication of new bus routes.
  • Minimize the occurrence of critical errors.
  • Deliver a scalable and efficient system for online ticket sales, as well as ticket sale management.
  • Ensure product quality and provide an SLA maintenance system.
  • Streamline the reporting process and enable the searching of online sales data without affecting the performance of the transactional system.
  • Transfer of knowledge about the solution from the previous supplier.
Bernard Golko
E-commerce / Digital Director Europe & Board member

"The works carried out under the legacy system transformation project allowed us to increase the number of serviced routes by 183% and accelerate the operation of the entire ticketing system."

The Solution

  • Migration to MS Azure.
  • Knowledge transfer from the previous supplier and solution take over.
  • Further development of the platform in .Net technology.

The Result

Access to knowledge about customers and sales in one place
Connecting all data together improved numerous processes for OnniBus, ensuring information could be freely, yet securely, accessed where needed.
99.6% availability of business-critical system
Optimization, refactoring & improved logical architecture increased the efficiency and stability of newly implemented functionalities.
183% more routes supported
Thanks to an improved system, the website can support more routes, enabling customers to access more services via digital channels.
More stops enabled per route
Likewise, each route can support more stops, removing previous limitations on digital-based offers.

What We Learned

We started with a three sessions with the former software delivery partner. This resulted in the handing over of the initial PoC (proof of concept), as well as the due diligence of system maintenance and development from the previous supplier to us.

First, we carried out a detailed audit of the system architecture code and databases whilst creating a plan of refactorization and optimization according to their urgency – based on the client's business needs. Then we installed a full system on the infrastructure we configured in MS Azure.

We carried out a system optimization and refactorization project. It was supported by numerous performance and penetration tests confirming the removal of all threats and ensuring that the system is ready for official change.

Our methodological approach also made it possible to execute an SLA contract with the client, under which we guaranteed 24/7 continuity of system operations and monitoring. The system is currently developed by a dedicated team and Unity Group has become a partner of the Onnibus digital transformation.

Mobile Application Based on React Native


Fast, efficient mobile application in JavaScript for two platforms - iOS and Android.

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A Custom CMS and Full IT System Integration for Easier Administration and Maintenance


We implemented a CMS to match company's rapidly-changing business needs. The result was increased update speed and lower maintenance costs.

<integration.provided>  <costs.decreased>  <speed.increased> 

New Ticket Channel with 2,500+ Points of Sale


Dedicated system for chain of convenience stores equipped with POS - ticket machines enabling customers to purchase bus tickets.

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