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Banner illustrating summary of e-commerce trends 2023

E-commerce Trends in 2023 / Summary

Artificial Intelligence

We are approaching the end of the year, and it is invariably a time for taking stock. Looking back, 2023 in retail presented unique challenges for companies, which had to confront dynamic changes in economic, social and technological conditions. Let’s find out how these developments have affected the e-commerce industry in Poland and how the landscape...

System Integration Consulting Project

IT Systems Integration Consulting Project / Step-by-Step

Systems Integration

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for information on how to improve your organization’s systems integration architecture. Perhaps you need to address declining system performance or get your IT department to respond more quickly to business needs. Whatever your challenges, before embarking on an IT systems integration...

Digital Transformation Pitfalls

Digital Transformation Pitfalls / Why Tech Isn’t Step 1 


How do you climb a mountain? Do you find the highest peak and move forward, or do you assess the route and assemble the right crew and equipment for the task at hand?  Just like with digital transformation, there is a right answer here. More specifically, there are many questions that need to be answered first. Is this your...


MACH Architecture vs Digital Experience Platform (DXP) / The Increasing Drawbacks of DXP Technology 


The MACH architecture is a relatively new approach to building and developing IT systems, and thus stimulating change in business. This solution is most frequently adopted by e-commerce firms. This flexible and scalable infrastructure has already been deployed by companies such as Spotify, Puma and Coca-Cola. Some continue to refer to the MACH approach as...


Total Experience / An Emerging Trend or Temporary Buzzword?

Systems Integration

If we said that “experience is a key driver for success” in business, you’re immediately thinking about the consumer, right? After all, customer experiences are a key advantage and lead to some of the most popular satisfaction metrics. We measure the customer engagement rate, their returning loyatly and other related factors –...


The 7 Deadly Signs of Digital Debt


Previously, we spoke about the rising awareness of Digital Debt thanks to recent events. This time, we want to help point out the most common signs of Digital Debt in your own company or operations.  After all, there’s a good chance the issues that produce such debt have gradually become part of day-to-day business. So much so, in fact,...


Digital Debt / The Business Killer That’s Spreading

IT Consulting

Some businesses were happy with being offline… until they were not. Recent events have pushed the issue of digital debt into the cold light of day.  The hard truth is simple: companies and other entities have suddenly found themselves in a reality where offline operations are no longer the backbone to rely on. This shift was significantly...


Why the Waterfall Model Does Not Work in Innovative Projects


The reality in which we live increasingly often forces us to introduce innovative solutions in our companies, regardless of whether we like such activities or fear the change and prefer to maintain the status quo. In this article, you will learn about: the conditions in which we make decisions when implementing projects the methodology to choose for your...

Projektujemy rozwiązania, które podnoszą sprzedaż B2B, B2C, D2C

Legacy System Transformation. Modernizing Internet applications as a component of digital transformation

IT Consulting

Problems with outdated systems and machines often cause production line downtime. One hour of downtime can cost a business from several hundreds euros in the food industry to even hundreds of millions of euros in the refining industry. It’s not only about financial loss, but also lost chances, damage to reputation and reduction of your business’s...


How to Conduct Digital Transformation in Industry


The approach to running a business is changing continuously. Today, digital solutions are at the top. This can be seen in almost every industry. Companies change business models, redefine their products and change the way they communicate with customers. We are witnessing a digital transformation. The Polish economy is entering the next phase – the fourth...

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