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The 7 Deadly Signs of Digital Debt


Previously, we spoke about the rising awareness of Digital Debt thanks to recent events. This time, we want to help point out the most common signs of Digital Debt in your own company or operations.  After all, there’s a good chance the issues that produce such debt have gradually become part of day-to-day business. So much so, in fact,...


Digital Debt / The Business Killer That’s Spreading


Some businesses were happy with being offline… until they were not. Recent events have pushed the issue of digital debt into the cold light of day.  The hard truth is simple: companies and other entities have suddenly found themselves in a reality where offline operations are no longer the backbone to rely on. This shift was significantly...


Legacy System Transformation. Modernizing Internet applications as a component of digital transformation

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Problems with outdated systems and machines often cause production line downtime. One hour of downtime can cost a business from several hundreds euros in the food industry to even hundreds of millions of euros in the refining industry. It’s not only about financial loss, but also lost chances, damage to reputation and reduction of your business’s...

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