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Agile Partnership – a Recipe for Action in and Out of Crises


The current crisis is not completely foreign to us. Unity Group survived both the Internet bubble in 2000 and the financial crisis in 2008. Thanks to our clients’ trust, the knowledge and commitment of our teams, our agile methodology and an effective implementation of solutions, we’ve managed to overcome these difficult periods. We’ve even used this...


Why the Waterfall Model Does Not Work in Innovative Projects


The reality in which we live increasingly often forces us to introduce innovative solutions in our companies, regardless of whether we like such activities or fear the change and prefer to maintain the status quo. In this article, you will learn about: the conditions in which we make decisions when implementing projects the methodology to choose for your...


Quality Assurance vs Quality Control


So much has been written about Quality Assurance that we should ask ourselves if we haven’t lost our understanding of this term. I can’t resist the assumption that each IT project is said to have an elite Quality Assurance unit, composed of software testers only, responsible for ensuring software quality in the project. In addition, HR units only add...


Agile: What’s Next? A Short Guide for Those Starting a Project in the Agile Methodology. Part 3


In previous articles, we mentioned contrasting approaches to Agile methodology, identifying and delivering on the values of a project. In the final part of this series of articles on Agile, you will learn: How does the Scrum methodology drive the team’s work? Which elements of a project should you focus on when working in Scrum? Scrum is a real...


Agile: What Next? Or a Short Guide for Those Who Are About to Do an Agile Project, Part 2


In the previous article, we mentioned contrasting approaches to Agile and the conditions to be met to increase efficiency and cut workloads. This second part of the series will tell you: How to identify values in a project? How to check if you deliver on the identified values? Why you shouldn’t limit project implementation methods? With the Agile...


So You Want to Be Agile? A Beginner’s Guide to Agile Project Management. Part 1


In an age of rapid technological progress, more and more companies are deciding to employ Agile methodologies to improve project management. Agile allows them to find ways to complete a project while not exceeding its budget and to develop solutions meeting the needs of their clients. We prepared a series of articles about Agile project management to...


What you need to know about risk management in agile methodologies


There’s no such thing as a risk-free project. According to the statistics quoted by the Project Management Magazine, more than half of all projects, especially large ones, fail. Many ambitious projects are not completed on time or budget. Doubtlessly, one of the reasons for this is insufficient or indeed no attention paid to the identification,...

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