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Mastering B2B Pricing Strategies / A Comprehensive Guide for Blending Online and Offline Channels


In the highly competitive realm of B2B commerce, the significance of pricing strategies transcends mere numbers—it shapes profitability, defines market positioning, and determines the overall success of businesses. With the advent of digital channels, these strategies have become even more complex yet crucial, as companies must navigate both online and...


Nearshoring in IT Outsourcing / The Key to Better Efficiency


In the era of globalization and digitalization, companies from various industries, especially from the IT sector, are increasingly turning to outsourcing as a way to achieve their goals. In the context of implementing advanced technologies such as e-commerce platforms, Data Science solutions, headless/composable architecture, IT system integration, etc.,...

Omnichannel challenges

Omnichannel Challenges / Overcome the Common Hurdles


The concept of omnichannel is probably well known to anyone involved in e-commerce and online sales. Unfortunately, implementing this model is not always easy and brings a number of different omnichannel challenges for retailers that make the model not always work as expected. Channels may be inefficiently integrated, processes may not all be well thought...


Digital Transformation for Business – Essential Guide

Digital Transformation

Even if you’re an established company that uses a myriad of digital tools, digital transformation never ends. 2023, with the massive rise of AI, is the ultimate proof that companies should always expect another digital wave. But just what are the most critical aspects of this whole digital business transformation and digitalization space in 2024 and...

Top business books

12 Best Business Books for 2024


Everyone started 2024 differently; some of you probably celebrated wildly, others more quietly. No matter how you celebrated, it’s a good idea to start the new year by updating your physical or digital library. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best business books to read in 2024. Some of these are recent releases. Others are books from a few...

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