Implement Pimcore projects with Unity Group developers

Based on popular PHP frameworks and 100% open-source, Pimcore is the market-leading Product Information Management (PIM) platform.  

Our team has appreciated its rich set of features and scalable architecture when developing omnichannel solutions with several million SKUs and integrating them with other business systems, including ERP and ESB.

Why entrust your Pimcore project to our developers:

  • Our expertise in PHP, Zend and related frameworks and our numerous contributions to the open-source Pimcore community.    
  • Our analytical approach to data modelling and PIM system development.  
  • The capability to design a high-performance architecture and manage the full Pimcore development process, from a PoC to product release and maintenance. 
  • Several years of experience working with multiple cache layers. 
  • Our proven track record of delivering ERP, ESB and CRM integrations.  
  • We are available as both a Remote Pimcore Development Team and Pimcore Development service.

So far we’ve chosen Pimcore when we aimed at:

  • 1

    A centralised product catalogue

    Pimcore is a platform that enables the easy creation of flexible data models for a range of products and services offered by a company. Our team has appreciated that Pimcore lets you quickly feed the product base with updated data, while at the same time dynamically distribute these assets in all relevant sales channels.  

  • 2

    A quick MVP website

    Quick to implement out-of-the-box, Pimcore has always lent itself well to creating MVPs. It comes with a ready-to-use panel, so we’ve used it to build and test web structures with multilingual support. Once our MVP proves itself, we’re able to further expand it with a selection of open and proprietary plugins.  

  • 3

    Media-rich solutions

    Pimcore includes both single-and multi-channel publishing features, making it easy to publish, update and integrate content and data from various sources. Our team has used Pimcore CMS to creat richmedia solutions for all different types of output channels at once, incl. web and mobile apps, social media, but also traditional print.  

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