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Automating Seasonal Analytics for a Premium Fashion Brand

Time Saved
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Seasonal Analytics Optimized

The Challenge

The history of the brand dates back to 2011, when the first boutique was opened in Poznań's Stary Browar. BIZUU is something more than a brand, it is over 10 years of mutual passion and love for fashion by two sisters - Blanka Jordan and Zuzanna Wachowiak. With over a decade’s success, with both online and offline channels, the business has grown substantially. As a result, BIZUU wanted to further this growth potential through the use of strategic data and analytics to optimize various processes, especially in regards to combining production with market needs.

Unity Group was chosen to implement a Business Intelligence system able to provide not only these objectives, but also constant monitoring of the company’s KPI.

  • The organization had multiple data sources and sought a cohesive, full view from a singular location.
  • However, BIZUU also stressed the unique seasonality of their industry.
  • Any proposed solution needed to measure results not only by collection, but also by industry-set seasons, rather than the standard calendar-based time dimensions typically used.
  • This also meant that some consistency needed to be implemented during the data recording process. Different departments – and often different people - had different data formats, making actual comparisons problematic.
  • The challenge, then, was to not only integrate data sources, but create the underlying business logic to record and condition them effectively for a standardized view.

The Solution

  • We started by consulting with the client to first understand their business logic and identify both the key data sources and the business objects found within.
  • We have designed a data model that integrates information from three sources: MS SQL databases, Google Analytics tools and Excel spreadsheets together with the lists containing additional data placed on Sharepoint.
  • Custom queries were implemented to retrieve the right data and assist in format standardization in reports.
  • To eliminate manual data exporting, we used the Azure cloud to automate daily report preparations.
  • We also established a data gateway that not only refreshes data according to a set daily schedule, but also ensures such data is secured.
  • Finally, to make the system as convenient and user-friendly as possible, we created ready-to-use reports – with selected reports also adapted to mobile for greater efficiency.

The Result

Time Saved
Through automation, time wasted on manual work is now available. Teams are free to act on collected insights, rather than manually gathering them.
Updated Data
Through automation, all data is updated on a daily basis so reports are always up to date, with no room for manual error.
Seasonal Analytics Optimized
Likewise, with all data standardized, BIZUU can better compare collections to learn about their successes.
Complete View
Through centralized reporting, business and department owners can gain insights across the entire company.

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