Discover your customers' purchasing potential and increase profits


Use our Customer Intelligence solution to analyze complex transactional data and take more effective marketing and sales measures.

Full knowledge of customers' purchasing behaviour

Gain full knowledge about your customers' purchasing behaviour. Upsaily integrates transactional data from multiple sources, processes it in real time and presents it via user-friendly reports.


Ready-made recommendations for action

Use ready-made recommendations for marketing and sales activities, prepared on via predictive analyses and artificial intelligence mechanisms.


Customer data collected in one place

Make accurate decisions based on reliable and complete data. Upsaily integrates and processes data from many sources, such as ERP, sales service systems, warehouses, e-commerce, marketing automation, advertising channels and more.


Real-time data analysis

The ongoing monitoring of your company's current performance will allow you to immediately identify business opportunities or potential threats, so you can quickly take appropriate action.


Easy to use

An intuitive, user-friendly interface makes everyday work in the system easy and requires no advanced training. Analyses and automated conclusions are presented via readable dashboards.


Rapid implementation

Enjoy access to reports and analytics right after the integration with your systems. No additional applications are required to implement Upsaily.


Why do we recommend Upsaily?

If you need advanced sales analyzes that updated in real-time and awlays available, this is definitely the tool for you. Upsaily is a breakthrough analytical solution that uses artifical intelligence and machine learning mechanisms. Additionally, reports are presented in an intuitive and transparent form. Upsaily also prepares ready-made recommendations for effective actions from sales representatives and marketing departments.

All the power of Upsaily, implemented with care!


Unity Group × Upsaily

The first proprietary analytical solution of this type, designed for advanced sales analyzes.
Highly qualified, experienced experts in the field of data science.
A dedicated team of specialists providing support at the software implementation stage.

Analyses data

and determine key parameters for your business.

Defines thousands of hypotheses

which it assesses in terms of important business conclusions.

Precisely define customer segments

so you know their exact characteristics and purchasing behaviour.

Builds predictive models

to forecast scenarios for effective sales and marketing activities.

Increase sales and margins

as well as maximize conversion rates and build a loyal customer base.

Optimize marketing expenses

and increases effectiveness of both marketing and sales activities.

Support marketing automation tools

with data generated by built-in models, improving campaign effectiveness marketing.

Making the right business decisions

with a complete view of both the data and the customers path.

Our Solution
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Upsaily is an innovative tool for transforming data into a business strategy and increasing the effectiveness of marketing and sales activities. Contact us and see what you can gain by implementing Upsaily in your company.