Strengthen relationships with customers and contractors to effectively develop online sales using Unity Group's proprietary technology for B2B and B2C implementations.

Unity.Commerce is the culmination of our experts experience in countless projects, and a direct response to both the needs and expectations of businesses selling online.

Fully customized for B2B & B2C

Perfectly reflect your exact sales structure through assigned roles and permissions, for a solution that adapts to your business.


Segmentation of products and customers

Advanced creation and segmentation of product groups based on attributes as well as customer groups and transactional attributes.


Unlimited Promotional Potential

With advanced product filtering and personalized landing pages, every possible promotional scenario is enabled.


Complete Billing History & Documentation

Review complaints, service requests, refunds and credit limits within one customer panel.


Individual Price Lists

Create unique pricing for selected customer groups to better target key markets.


Complete Content Control

Create any required landing page with advanced CMS functions – including personalization for customer segments.


Advanced SEO Support

Fully optimize your website for SEO and improve online visibility.


Complete Marketing Support

Engage in promotional and marketing activities, with discount codes, promotional conditions and basket promotions easy available.


Customizable Product Presentation

Configure pricelist rules, attribute profiles and product groups to get the best results.



Possibility to purchase products configured to individual customer needs by choosing technical parameters.

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Handling of trade limits

The platform provides the possibility of shopping within individual trade credits.


Wholesale thresholds

Customers that buy more can get a better price for the products they order.


Why do we recommend Unity.Commerce?

Our technology offers a number of modern features that enable effective sales on the Internet and reflect the most complex business processes. This wide use of unique functions allows, among others, to map the organizational structure of the company's partners, the execution of orders and inquiries, complaint management and many others. The platform is prepared for integration with other systems, which are particularly important in relations with business partners.

Unity.Commerce is based on such technologies as: PostgreSQL, Zend, MuleESB, Sphinx, RabbitMQ, CouchDB, Kibana. The popular technology stack also provides the possibility to develop this platform within internal IT teams.

Unity Group × Unity.Commerce

Unity.Commerce is our original solution, specifically designed for B2B projects where other solutions fall short.
We have been continually developing this technology for over a dozen years, constantly adapting with the needs of our customers.
We have a dedicated team to implement projects in this technology. They are intuitively familiar with it.

We understand your business

We have knowledge and experience in building e-commerce channels for many companies – we know how business processes run and what the sales structure looks like.

We design the appropriate architecture

Our solution will be suitable for your company’s infrastructure and IT systems – both now and in the future – as we can expand as your business grows.

We build highly scalable and efficient applications

We design e-commerce platforms, which are then integrated with all relevant systems (ERP, WMS, CRM, RMA) for streamlined simplicity.

Goals Achieved
/ with Unity.Commerce

Modern B2B Platform Fully Tailored to Business Needs


Increase in users and online orders with new B2B portal.

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Fully Integrated Furniture Sales and Distribution in B2B Channels

Fabryki Mebli "FORTE" S.A

Automate sales in the B2B channel with a new platform and integration layer.

<revenue.grown>  <traffic.enabled>  <expansion.prepared> 

Unique Price Management System for B2B Trading Platform


B2B e-commerce platform with a unique price management system to support contractor operations.

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198% Increase in Conversion Rate With New B2B Platform


The largest distributor and manufacturer of pneumatics has decided to open its sales to all companies and enterprises.

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Dedicated Platform for Creating a Partner Network


An additional, cost-free sales channel - a modern B2B2C e-commerce system.

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142% Increase in Revenue From Online Sales


We integrated a sales platform with SIG’s existing ERP system to better enable their 50 branches.

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Dedicated E-Commerce B2B Platform


Supporting B2B orders with a multi-level, online platform for streamlined efficiency.

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Developing a modern
e-store for a market-leading fashion brand for 150% growth acceleration

Top Secret

The aim of the project was to create a modern sales platform for a leading fashion brand.

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Our Technology
Your Success

Unity.Commerce enables you to strengthen your relationships with B2B contractors, and fully respond to the requirements of B2C platforms. Our experts will show you how to take full advantage of this technology in your business.