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Black Week, Sales and Fairs in Online Stores. 6 Tips on How to Prepare for Shopping Madness


Black Friday, Cyber Monday, big discounts, sales before and after Christmas, very low prices and attractive promotions – soon all these announcements will encourage customers to storm the shelves, including those online. How to prepare for increased shopping traffic in online stores to avoid problems and generate high profits in your business? Why are so...


Models for Efficient Implementation of Power BI

Power BI

A dynamically developing system Power BI is currently one of the most popular self-service Business Intelligence systems. One source of its popularity is very intensive development. Every month, a new list of functions appears. Microsoft releases more functionalities of the product. You can read about them on the blog of the service: Members can learn...


How to write an app for user authentication using JWTs


Introduction – a few words about authentication Authentication is simply verification of identity of a user in order to access protected resources. In the case of an application, the website asks for a login and a password previously defined by the user. If the values match, it is likely that the user is who he or she claims to...


Cross-Platform or Progressive Web Application? New Application or Existing Solution Migration? Choose the Right Scenario

Mobile Solutions

Cross-platform apps Cross-platform apps are a good solution if you want to deliver an interesting mobile app quickly on a limited budget. Regardless of whether you’re at the beginning of your mobile journey, about to create your company’s first app, or just want to make changes to an existing system, cross-platform technologies provide flexibility,...

usługi chmurowe - ikona przedstawiająca chmurę z kłódką

Security of IT Systems With Public Clouds

Cloud Infrastructure

When talking to people responsible for IT in organizations, I often encounter fears about the cloud transition related to system security. How can we be sure that by implementing cloud solutions or migrating existing ones to the cloud, we will not expose our systems to new threats and increase the risk of unauthorized persons gaining access to our company...


When does your company need a dedicated IT system?

Systems Integration

The multitude of options and the ever-growing range of products in the IT market can make the fans of new technologies and automation feel like they’re in heaven, right? Not really. Choosing the right solution for your company is quite a challenge. This article shows the answers to many pressing issues: How do you make the right choice from...


Using Custom Layouts in PimCore to restrict the visibility of editing tabs for selected users or user groups

Product Information Management

Anyone who has worked with product data knows that not all parameters assigned to an object should be visible and available for editing to every user. When creating a custom view that includes selected parameters for a given user or user group, an error occurs in PimCore, showing tabs that are not available for those users. Read below how...

Projektujemy rozwiązania, które podnoszą sprzedaż B2B, B2C, D2C

Legacy System Transformation. Modernizing Internet applications as a component of digital transformation

IT Consulting

Problems with outdated systems and machines often cause production line downtime. One hour of downtime can cost a business from several hundreds euros in the food industry to even hundreds of millions of euros in the refining industry. It’s not only about financial loss, but also lost chances, damage to reputation and reduction of your business’s...


Building a Modern SOA Architecture Using a Service Bus

Systems Integration

The assumptions behind SOA architecture (service-oriented architecture) were, and still definitely are, valid and sound. Unfortunately, the issue lies in how they are implemented, which is what causes projects to fail and frustration among managers – especially those responsible for the budget. However, the idea of service architecture can provide a...


Creating a Database While Integrating IT Systems

Systems Integration

Many applications within an organization tend to fail and cause all sorts of problems. How can we address this plight? This article will answer the following questions: How can we ensure data consistency in systems during planned integrations? What are the benefits of building centralized databases? Complications With Separate Databases One of the problems...


Translation and Localization in Symfony 3.4 and 4.0

Website translation is a very popular and light topic, ideal for an introduction to Symfony. In this article, I’m will discuss the topic in a structured manner, focusing on Symfony 3.4 and 4.0. The included code snippets have been tested on both versions, but the application created while writing this article uses Symfony 4.0. A Traditional Approach to...


What Does an IT System Integration Developer Do?

Systems Integration

The job called “IT system integration programmer” is not much of a buzzword for developers, especially those beginning their IT career. To explain the topic a bit, this article will discuss:  what is the role of an integration programmer. what competencies are required. why it is worth developing your career in this direction.  Before I got to Unity...

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