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Team of Teams in Unity Group

Team of Teams / When Agile Methodologies Fall Short

About Us

In a rapidly changing and uncertain world, the intellectual potential of employees is the greatest capital a company can have. How to build teams and manage that capital mindful of the various and rapidly evolving customer needs? And how should a company that has defined itself as the Digital Transformation Partner implement its vision?We have answered...


6 Values / 1 World of Difference


How do you define the intangible aspects of a company? Those magical attributes that don’t exist as documented, legal facts. These essential elements also can’t be overlooked. Sure, we’ve been around <since.1997> but that’s not all. Our way of interacting with people, projects and challenges was a huge part of that success – and still...


Unity Group 2.0 / The Branding Strikes Back


Energetic new times call for an energetic new look. Over the last few years, we’ve expanded in both the services offered and the markets we are active in. In 2020 alone, we: Moved to a fancy new office in Krakow Also moved to a similarly fancy new office in Wroclaw Launched new consolidated offer and expanded our range of...


Shop Performance During Black Friday From the Administrator’s Point of View

About Us

This year’s Black Week is over. At Unity Group, we have another reason to be proud – this year our customers’ stores have again risen to the challenge, handling a total of over 67,000 orders during Black Friday! When summing up promotional campaigns and profits, remember to account not only for the perspective of sellers, who had to both...

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