Self‑Service Platforms

Enable customers more independence through intuitive digital interfaces.

Provide your clients with an easy-to-use tool and quick access to all key information, improving after-sales service and delivering the highest possible customer assistance standards.

Customer support 24/7

Allow your customers to find solutions to their questions whenever they need help, 24 hours a day.


Automation of repetitive processes

Offer clients direct access to all key information and materials, optimizing your customer support team’s work time.


Work streamlined

Platforms can be easily integrated with your CRM and other systems, optimizing the wider process and introducing higher standards.


Offline processes digitalization

Moving processes from offline to online will improve work efficiency and save you a lot of time.


Quicker after-sales service

Automated after-sales servicing will allow the team to focus on more difficult, non-manual tasks.


Faster scalability

Scale your business quicker with a few simple automations to remove pressure from increasing customer queries.


Essential customer support that never sleeps

A self-service platform automates service to help your customers faster. It’s a center of communication with the client, enabling the selling of additional services and conducting of settlements, as well as provide key information and selected documents. The solution reduces costs and improves the quality of customer service.

Agnieszka Zamojska-Sroka
Marketing Director

"Unity Group already possessed high competencies and strong technological facilities during the sales process. We appreciate the fact that they paid a great deal of attention to understanding our needs."

Unity Group
x Self‑Service Platforms

Thanks to our broad experience, we understand customers' needs well. Working with popular frontend frameworks, robust CMS and integration tools, our team knows how to implement the solutions that work best with your clients.

Because of this, we can guide you in transforming your customer service and enhancing satisfaction of your clients.

Fast time-to-market

By being agile, we prioritize a fast delivery without compromising on quality or customer needs.


Trusted technologies

We actively choose the best technologies to ensure the best and safest results.


Upskill your team

We don’t just deliver you the tools – we'll train your own teams to use them independently.


24/7 SLA & maintenance

With an SLA, we’ll offer continued support to ensure the highest quality and results at all times.



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Projects implemented
Kentico Xperience certified

Goals Achieved
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Client Panel for Top Customer Service Standards


One of the leading real-estate developers in Poland turned to us with their need of an easy-to-use tool that would improve after-sales service.

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