Content Management Systems

Manage your content across all digital channels on multiple markets from one place.

Reach more customers by providing them the highest quality content. Drive the growth of your business and greatly simplify website management.

Easy content management

Enable the management and publication of materials dedicated to various markets and devices from one place.


Working time optimization

Publishing new subpages and content often takes no more than a few minutes. Materials can be delivered to many markets in one go.


Brand consistency

Storing the content within one repository will allow the brand to maintain its integrity when publishing materials in different locations.


Coherent IT architecture

One content management tool that allows to manage multiple markets eliminates the problem of inconsistent IT architecture.


Quicker international expansion

The launch of a new language version of the service can be carried out entirely within the solution. Enter foreign markets even faster.


Better control over content operations

Thanks to many useful features you have full control over what gets published and when across all channels.


Accelerate the digital growth of your company

Take control of the content wherever it appears. Complete your website with a reliable solution that will follow the development of your business, both locally and globally. Thanks to this, managing the most complex portal won't be a challenge for you. Enter new markets faster and speed up the launch of new digital channels in an easy and convenient way - from a single, central panel.

Unity Group
x Content Management Systems

A slow content process can ruin customer experience. When your teams have to dedicate time and energy to every channel and step, users aren’t getting the very best from your business. With content management solutions, we implement new technologies to speed up and automate this process as much as possible.

The end result is less time spent on manual tasks, content delivered in a clean and optimized way, and users that are able to interact with your business on a greater level.

Fast time-to-market

Thanks to our agile approach, we keep focus on your customers’ needs while still delivering fast and iteratively.


Trusted technologies

The technologies we use are chosen to provide the most reliable and safe solutions - no compromise.


Upskill your team

By training your team, we’ll ensure they can use the tools and solutions completely on their own.


24/7 SLA & maintenance

We can also always be available for ongoing support and development, if needed.


Goals Achieved
/ with Content Management Systems

A New Website for the Improved Marketing & Management of 200,000+ Products


Unity Group was entrusted with the task of replacing the technology on which the Onninen online store for retail customers was based.

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A Custom CMS and Full IT System Integration for Easier Administration and Maintenance


We implemented a CMS to match company's rapidly-changing business needs. The result was increased update speed and lower maintenance costs.

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ECM System for the Siarkopol Railway Transport Plant

The Greenbrier Companies

We’ve helped the client to digitize one of the company’s key areas through creating a system supporting digital transformation.

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Chasing the Gray Dollar: The Emergence of Senior Online Shoppers


The world has changed. Shopping behaviours have gone through a revolution. Customers have adapted – now it’s time for retailers and e-commerce platforms to do the same. Yes. Even if your business is already online and selling, it might not be enough. Why? Senior shoppers. Here’s the what, why and how of mastering this situation and coming out on...


Post COVID‑19 & The Future of E‑commerce


E-commerce is changing: that’s a no-brainer. It always has been. What’s important however, is the rate and scale at which it’s currently shifting. The recent epidemic has thrown the online channel into overdrive and presented companies with a clear choice: adapt or fail. Needless to say – the vast majority chose the former. Now they need to...


What Is Worth Knowing About Headless CMS

Content Management Systems

It is said that Headless CMS is a term aimed more at programmers, arguing that users entering content on a blog or operating an online store need to make few choices in regards technology or how to program the site. This is not true. The choice of system is very important in the context of changing trends in the...

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