Kentico Xperience

Scalable and secure, Kentico Xperience is a fully customizable solution fit for any business challenge.

Kentico Xperience is more than just a Content Management System. It’s a complete Digital Experience Platform for adapting, integrating and improving a much wider range of business areas.

Complete Platform

With the Kentico Xperience platform, your CMS, commerce and digital marketing functions can operate in one place.


The Kentico team has developed the platform to be highly secure. As a self-reliant platform, it doesn’t utilise the typical plugins or components that create additional security risks in the first place.


Whether its traffic peaks or balancing multiple markets, Kentico Xperience is scalable, – and accessible from one central panel.

In-Depth Digital Marketing

Event sequencing, automation, personas, personalization and more – Kentico Xperience is perfect for effective automated marketing activities at scale.

Fully Customizable

Everything is possible in Kentico – we can customize it to fit your exact needs, from customers and market to website personalization and business process.

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Analytical Expertise

Through correctly identifying your needs, we can empower Kentico Xperience to do as much as possible.

Commerce Transformation

Through correctly identifying your needs, we can empower Kentico Xperience to do as much as possible.

Expertise in Integrations

Thanks to our additional experience in wider ERP, ESB and PIM solutions, we can integrate Kentico Xperience with your wider operations.

Complex Business Logic

No project is too large for us. From process automation to custom panels, we can masterfully transfer your business logic into a new digital platform.

End2End Approach

We don’t just ‘install’ products. Through a process of analysis, discovery and design, we purposefully customize Kentico Xperience to meet your exacting needs with tailored answers.

Wide Range Of Competencies

Websites, custom portals, mobile performance, data automation… our full expertise combined with Kentico Xperience means we can use every solution to its fullest potential – and then some.

Our realizations


Nest Bank: a custom web portal built with Kentico for improved customer experience

Client Panel built on Kentico EMS for top customer service standards

Multimedia Polska: custom web portal built with Kentico EMS and .NET

Some of the Best Solutions Start With Kentico Xperience

Web Portals

As a Digital Experience Platform, Kentico Xperience is perfectly positioned to offer the more personal and in-depth features a web portal needs.


With Kentico Xperience, we can customise its content management functions to suit the unique needs of your business.

Mobile Commerce

Because it’s designed to work on any platform or device, Kentico Xperience is ideal for bridging the gap between desktop and mobile perfection – all while using a central control panel for everything.

E-commerce B2C

With the ability to integrate with wider systems, Kentico Xperience is the perfect platform to launch a custom e-commerce operation.

E-commerce B2B

B2B sales require a personal approach that can track each user and offer a custom portal for them to interact with your business – all of which is easily achieved with Kentico Xperience.

Marketing Automation

More than just a CMS, Kentico Xperience enables greater automation, from content updates and personalized newsletters to social media and recommendation engines, Kentico Xperience is a powerful tool for driving customer engagement.

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