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Data Bus: A Solution Worth Trying


These days, data is of great value to any company. Collecting, storing and finally putting it to work is often among the key aspects of any company’s operations. Usually, data is sourced from different systems within the organization. As the business grows, so does the number of systems. But they cannot function as completely independent entities....


Talend – a Solution Worth Consideration

Systems Integration

The wide array of products from Talend – a data integration leader – has been geared towards offering uniqueness, completeness and clarity of data gathered by the organization. The range of Talend solutions helps companies to transform towards data-driven organizations, i.e. to a state in which decisions are made based on credible and reliable...


Talend – Capabilities of the Solution and Licensing Model


For many years, Talend has been recognized as one of the leaders of Data Integration. We have decided to look into the solutions it offers and present to you: Key facts about this software vendor. Description of the most important functionalities and products it offers. Features offered by the solution. Talend is a middleware software provider originating...

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