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Team of Teams in Unity Group

Team of Teams / When Agile Methodologies Fall Short

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In a rapidly changing and uncertain world, the intellectual potential of employees is the greatest capital a company can have. How to build teams and manage that capital mindful of the various and rapidly evolving customer needs? And how should a company that has defined itself as the Digital Transformation Partner implement its vision?We have answered...


Teal in a Crisis – Myths vs. Practice


In the face of ongoing pandemic, the resulting economic crisis and the difficulties of many companies, I am increasingly confronted with the question of the most appropriate organisational model – one that’s resistant to difficult times. Many publicists, and sometimes business practitioners, are putting forward the hypothesis that this is the moment to...


Cultural Diversity: How to Connect With International Clients


These days, most businesses have a multicultural aspect to them. Even if you’re not an international organization with offices around the world, the sheer diversity of society itself often means you’re coming in contact with people from all different backgrounds on a regular basis. And this is a good thing! There is strength in variety. And, since...


Solid Foundations in Turbulent Times


Maturity, partnership, responsibility, transparent communication and company values have been the foundation of Unity Group since 1997. This has enabled us to build an organization that is constantly growing, provides a stable space for our employees and, above all, continuously delivers value to our customers and supports the development of their business....


Team Cooperation and the Quality of Work – From the Tester’s Point of View


No one needs to be convinced about the importance of cooperation and proper flow of information in a team. Communication is among the key factors influencing the quality of work, which is a strong determinant of a project’s success or failure. This article will tell you: about the kinds of communication problems that teams may encounter about the key...

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