6 Values / 1 World of Difference

How do you define the intangible aspects of a company? Those magical attributes that don’t exist as documented, legal facts. These essential elements also can’t be overlooked.

Sure, we’ve been around <since.1997> but that’s not all. Our way of interacting with people, projects and challenges was a huge part of that success – and still remains a fundamental driver of our growth to this day.

This is the challenge we met during the rebrand of 2021. With 23 years (and counting) of history, we had to find a way to define Unity Group from a business perspective through our core values. In short we needed to answer the age old question: What makes us different?

Dropping all typical cliches, we had one overarching goal in mind: be honest, be unique and, ultimately, be true to the promises made and values claimed. More specifically, these promises:

< Commitment . Made >

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

Donald A. Adams

Our differentiators are more than just empty words. They’re our commitment to you, whether we’re already working together, or hope to forge a new partnership.

These are important parts of our business, from our culture to our work approach, that we always strive to live by. After what can only be described as “a really big think” we articulated, distilled and refined who Unity Group is, how we operate and why our partners enjoy the results, into 6 essential factors. Just enough to make our point, but not too many to bore you 😉

Commerce Transformation . Since 1997

We’ve been enabling companies to improve and innovate their commercial operations since 1997. Our team is always on top of modern trends and technologies. It’s how we digitally transformed our clients’ businesses time after time.

This one is straightforward. It’s the core of what we do – and how long we’ve been doing it for. We like to think that any company that’s survived this long must either be doing something right* or be very, very lucky indeed. Since none of our lottery tickets worked out, we suspect it’s the former 😉

* confirmed by our clients – you can ask them 😉

All Results . One Agile Partner

We will help you digitalize all aspects of your business, end-to-end… and beyond. Always your trusted partner that lives and breathes agile. Our approach ensures your company reaches its full potential in minimum time and with maximum efficiency.

These days, everyone is agile. IT companies are agile, project management is agile. Baking recipes are agile… so how is this unique? The difference here is that we never leave you hanging because it’s “not our area” – even if it’s not our expertise, we’re supported by ITCorner’s network of technology-driven companies (and you can bet we already know who to turn to 😉 ) When needs arise, we have the solution or the people on board who will find one. No matter what the challenge.

Impactful Solutions . Enabled by Technology

First and foremost, we implement solutions that make a real impact. One you can noticeable feel and measure. Our extensive technology expertise ensure we choose the right solution for your needs. Your strategy and business goals are our priority.

We are a technology company. But that doesn’t mean that technology is the only thing that matters to us – or even our first priority. We believe – we know – that technology is designed to serve a purpose, so we always put that purpose first. This is why we have such a broad range of technologies. It ensures we offer the right answer for your unique problem. And that need of your business plays the most important part when cooperating with us.

Total Honesty . Committed Delivery

We say it as it is – no project is without risks. We are always honest about the possible challenges upfront. Through experience, we know how to adapt on the spot and resolve them. When we commit to a project we never back down. And we deliver – fully.

To really have somebody’s back, you need to be truthful and transparent with them, even if it comes at a personal cost. We’ve learned that, by being open about risks, conscious of bad choices and straightforward with uncomfortable truths, the results are much better in the long run. We bring challenges to light because we care – and then we confidently tackle and resolve them!

Worthy of Trust . Ask Our Clients

If you want to know us, talk to our clients. We’ll happily put you in touch with companies around the world so you can see for yourself how we helped them succeed. Our reputation has been built for over 20 years. We look forward to having a long-lasting relationship with you as well.

Let’s be honest – sometimes there’s just nothing we can say to win hearts and minds. After all, many companies will say anything to convince a new client, right? What if we shut up for a few moments and let somebody else do the talking?

Our case studies, awards and Clutch profile, go some way to speaking for us, but our clients really are the best source of such feedback. Before you make any decision about cooperating with us, you’ll have the chance to speak to our clients for yourself. Then you can make up your mind – we’re confident you’ll make the best decision 😉 .

People . Making a Difference

Your team, your customers, you. We know that a people-first mentality brings the best results and that’s why working with us is really cool. Our biggest strength is people! We care for them and we empower them. We work with you as one team and that’s what truly makes a difference.

Any company, at the end of the day, is simply a collection of people* – both ours and yours. Likewise, all technology needs to be used by somebody, whether that’s you or your customers. Technology should adapt for people, never the other way around.

We let people shine through in all aspects. Our culture is based on empowered teams, so all good ideas come forward. We work closely with our clients, as one team, to understand and exceed all their expectations.

* and we seriously are a cool bunch…meet some of the U team

Seeing Things in a Different Light

“No legacy is so rich as honesty”

William Shakespeare

Ultimately, promises and commitments need to be kept, values honored and differentiators proven. Curious to know more? We hope so! You can take a look at our credential presentation or reach out to us directly! After all, we’re people-centric*, so let’s connect!

*sentient robots are also welcome, but we’re pretty sure you don’t need our services

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