WSO 2 Enterprise Integrator

Create a modern IT architecture based on all the systems your company uses: applications, legacy systems, API and SaaS.

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator (WSO2 EI) is an open-source integration platform (with 24/7 producer support available). It was created to meet the challenges modern enterprises face with integration.
WSO2 Enterprise Integrator facilitates a range of integration approaches such as :


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Enterprise Service Bus

WSO2 offers solution suitable for every business

WSO 2 ensures fastest integration execution of all available solutions. It offers scalability and enables processing billions of transactions within thousands of implementations. 

A broad range of support is offered for protocols (HTTP, AMQP, JMS, Kafka, gRPC), standards (OpenAPI, SOAP), databases, API SaaS interfaces (Salesforce, S3, SQS) and systems (File, SAP). 

WSO2 provides Container-friendly and very light execution environments. It works seamlessly with Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus and other cloud-native technologies. 

WSO2 facilitates both the efficient CODE-DRIVEN approach for integration using Ballerina and the intuitive LOW-CODE approach using a configuration tool and GUI.  

“Drag and drop” integration with visual mapping and debugging of data, or visualise integration using sequence diagrams. 

WSO2 is ideal for creating diffuse integrations, whether  based on microservices or traditional, centralised and based on ESB.

WSO2 ensures scalable integration of data with the capacity to connect any source with any target. It combines API-oriented integration with streaming data processing. 

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Agile API integration of legacy systems, applications and SaaS

WSO 2 Enterprise Integrator Platform is a solution equiped with a portfolio of ready solutions, which makes possible carrying projects according to agile work methodology:

WSO2 API Manager

Enterprise-class solution that supports API publication and entire lifecycle management.

WSO2 Identity Server

Identity and rights management server ensuring security when linking multiple identities and managing them in various applications.

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WSO2 Stream Processor

SQL engine servicing real-time data streaming.

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