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Available as open-source, WSO2 covers all key elements of a mature, enterprise-class integration platform. Wide range of products support API management, building integration flows (ESB), the digitalization of  business processes, real time interface monitoring data – all with excellent security and performance. 

Our team employs WSO2 platform when developing custom ESB and API Gateway solutions for medium and large enterprise clients.  

Why entrust your WSO2  project to our integration experts:

  • Our expertise in configuring WSO2 solutions  in high availability mode and for top performance.  
  • Our in-depth product knowledge and best practices thanks to WSO2 partnership. 
  • Our capability to quickly business deliver value – with basic integrations completed within 3-4 weeks from the project launch. 
  • Our proven experience of implementing API Gateway. 
  • Our systematic approach (automation, CI) to reducing time-to-market and optimising development work.  
  • Our availability as both a Remote WSO2 Development Team and WSO2 Development services 

So far we’ve chosen WSO2 when we aimed at:

  • 1

    Evolving into modern and expandable integration architecture

    Constructed to best address the modern architecture challenges, WSO2 Enterprise Integrator provides a centralized integration middleware (ESB and more). Scalable and expandable integration architecture allows our clients to quickly adapt to new business demands, adding new systems or replacing legacy solutions 

  • 2

    API management

    WSO2 API Manager provides full control over the APIs within the organization through its dedicated features, such as service catalogue, throttling, versioning and extensive security  

  • 3

    Real-time data availability

    Some of our clients relied on systems synchronised with night-time imports from external sources and wanted to have all data available online in real-time. We’ve been able to achieve such integrations by using an array of ready-to-use WSO2 connectors and high-level abstractions, which have helped us to simplify the interaction with third-party systems and other services. 

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