Number of operated routes increased by 183% in 3 years in Onnibus

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  • Client
    • Onnibus
  • Scope of work
    • Integration of many databases
    • Reduction in the number of critical errors
    • Online ticket sales system
    • CRM
  • Technologies
    • Microsoft .Net Core
    • WSO2 API Gateway
    • WSO2 ESB
    • Miscrosoft SQL Server
    • PostgreSQL
    • Microsoft Azure
    • RabbitMQ

Background is the leading inter-city express bus service operator in Finland, offering two distinct service concepts: and Onnibus FLEX. Onnibus launched its operations on 1 January 2012. Since then, Onnibus has become one of the biggest brands in Finland, revolutionizing the mass transport industry by making bus travel once again a competitive alternative to trains and private cars. In July 2014, Onnibus launched its double-decker bus service network and was able to offer fares with better value. The company is striving to develop its state-of-the-art digital platform and sales channels.

What the client wanted

The client needed a new, improved and expanded system both for front and backend actions. The aim was to integrate all existing databases, minimize the occurrence of critical errors, and deliver a clean and efficient system for online ticket sales as well as ticket sale management (CRM).

The challenging aspects of this project were to improve an existing system developed and delivered by a previous IT contractor and to deploy procedures and tools making it possible to offer a 24/7 SLA contract.


The execution of this project served as the basis for further cooperation with Onnibus. To date, we have also provided a mobile application, CMS, backend and sales solutions. The work carried out under the Legacy System Transformation project allowed the client to increase the number of routes supported by almost 200% and speed up the operation of the entire ticket sales system.


Krzysztof Kamiński, Senior Project Manager at Unity Group 

Scope of the project

We started with a series of three Pre KT Sessions (pre knowledge transfer session) with the former software delivery partner. The result was PoC (proof of concept) and due diligence of system maintenance and development from the previous supplier to us.

This introduction was followed by full system installation on our infrastructure in MS Azure, a detailed audit of the code, system architecture and databases, accompanied by creation of a refactoring and optimization roadmap according to urgency – taking into account the client’s business needs.
We conducted system optimization and refactoring backed up by multiple penetration tests confirming the removal of all threats and to ensure system readiness for official switching.

This methodological approach made it possible to execute an SLA contract with the client, under which we guarantee 24/7 continuity of system operation and continual monitoring.


Optimization, refactoring of the website and improvement of the logical architecture made it possible to increase the efficiency and stability of newly implemented functionalities. This has allowed us to implement several development projects simultaneously.


  • Taking over system maintenance and development from the previous supplier
  • Integrating multiple databases
  • Ensuring product quality allowing for SLA maintenance system
  • Streamlining the process of reporting and searching online sales data without affecting performance of the transaction part of the system

Unity Group once again showed its professionalism by delivering the project on time (with a short deadline in mind) and approached it with the creativity and responsiveness of an F1 race car!


Bernard Golko, E-commerce/Digital Director Europe & Board member at Onnibus  

Operational benefits

  • Overall system performance improvements which allowed for an increase in the number of supported bus routes
  • Enabling supporting routes with high numbers of stops
  • General acceleration of system speed

Financial benefits

  • Increase in the number of supported routes in subsequent years by 183% from 2016 to 2019
  • Average website availability achieved through monitoring tools reached 99.6%



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