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PIM Data Syndication Illustration

Data Syndication: Effective Information Management

Reliable and relevant information is a true asset. For companies operating in various industries, it often constitutes a significant factor in successfully communicating with customers and partners. Product Information Management (PIM) systems serve as tools for optimal information management, enabling organizations to gather, manage, and distribute product data efficiently. The process responsible for effective data distribution is content syndication, also…

Rozwiązania omnichannel

Maximizing Customer Engagement: Proven Omnichannel Solutions for Today’s Businesses

Ever wondered how to be present and consistent across all customer interaction points? Omnichannel retail solutions tie together your online and offline presence, ensuring a seamless and personalized customer experience that is no longer optional but essential. This article provides a deep dive into how these solutions work, their importance in today’s market, and practical examples of successful strategies, guiding…

Omnichannel challenges

Omnichannel Challenges / Overcome the Common Hurdles

The concept of omnichannel is probably well known to anyone involved in e-commerce and online sales. Unfortunately, implementing this model is not always easy and brings a number of different omnichannel challenges for retailers that make the model not always work as expected. Channels may be inefficiently integrated, processes may not all be well thought out and previously implemented technology…

Digital Transformation Challenges

10 Critical Digital Transformation Challenges to Overcome

Digital transformation has become a strategic imperative for organizations aiming to stay competitive and relevant in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. However, the journey towards digital transformation is fraught with challenges that demand careful navigation. Successfully overcoming these obstacles is crucial for organizations to harness the full potential of digital technologies and realize their business objectives. Today, some companies may…


How to Implement Omnichannel Strategy in Your Company

There is a lot of talk about omnichannel strategy, but when it comes to the practical implementation of this sales model, the matter is not so simple anymore. Companies face a number of technology and process challenges that they must overcome in order to orchestrate the elements of an omnichannel strategy into a cohesive shopping experience. Achieving synergies across each…

Omnichannel Retail

Omnichannel Retail – Everything You Should Know 

Imagine walking into a retail wonderland where every path leads to a personalized shopping adventure, tailored to your every whim and fancy. This isn’t a fantasy; it’s the reality of today’s omnichannel retail world, where customers are like explorers, charting their own unique courses through a myriad of buying channels. Each customer’s journey is a dynamic mixtape of experiences –…

Medical AI and AI examples in healthcare

Medical AI / Examples of AI in Healthcare That Will Blow Your Mind

After 3 years of searching and visiting over a dozen doctors, a frustrated mother finally turns to ChatGPT to find the cause of her child’s pain. The woman enters information about the boy’s condition and adds data from test results. ChatGPT suggests a rare neurological condition – spinal cord anchorage syndrome. The doctor then confirms this diagnosis.  Frightening news for…

API in ecommerce

E-commerce API / Unleashing the Full Potential of Online Business 

Imagine a world where you could speak any language fluently – wouldn’t that be something? You could communicate with anyone, anywhere, opening up endless opportunities. In the digital and e-commerce world, APIs are the polyglots, that enable different software applications to talk to each other. In this blog post, we’ll explore the role of these digital linguists in the realm…


Generative Search / Gamechanger or Unwarranted Hype?

By now, you’ve probably heard anything and everything about ChatGPT and friends. Everyone on LinkedIn is talking about it, and most of them are using generative AI to talk about generative AI. Thankfully, we’re not here to talk about ChatGPT. At least not directly. Instead, we want to talk about Google’s announcements of focusing implementing such technologies into its search…


Machine Learning and Customer Segmentation / Meet the Perfect Couple 

The rapid technology development is revolutionizing almost every area of business operations, including customer segmentation. Machine learning hand in hand with AI is emerging as one of the most interesting trends, transforming the way in which you can segment and, consequently, successfully reach your customers. You’re about to see how machine learning is changing the rules of the game and…


Data Science for Retail / A Guide with Use Cases

Imagine a mid-sized supermarket in a world without customer analytics tools. Every customer who enters the store remains a mystery. His or her expectations, interests, needs, and past purchases are unknown. The owner must rely on intuition and their gut feeling to guess which products to place on the shelves, which promotions to run, and how to serve the customer.…


Behind the Scenes of Omnichannel Integration

Omnichannel is becoming increasingly popular among businesses, including those in the B2B sector. The benefits of the omnichannel approach are undeniable – happier, loyal customers and more sales. But how does an omnichannel integration actually work? What is its foundation? Which tools should be used? What do you need to consider when implementing these solutions? I have prepared a practical…


Multilingual Customer Experience / Time to Assess Your Touchpoints 

Communication is important to any business. At some point, you have to be able to talk to your customers.   But are you and your customers talking the same language? We live in a multicultural world and, unless your business specifically targets an island tribe that hasn’t encountered civilization, have you overlooked a potential new revenue stream.  We know times are…

System Integration based on cloud services

Quickstart Guide to Cloud-Based System Integration

Businesses increasingly migrate their infrastructure to the public cloud environment – moving there with their servers, mass storage, CRM systems and business processes. IT system integration in the cloud may be another step in this journey. This is a very interesting option for companies that plan or have started to use cloud services. In this piece, we will use the…


MACH Architecture vs Digital Experience Platform (DXP) / The Increasing Drawbacks of DXP Technology 

The MACH architecture is a relatively new approach to building and developing IT systems, and thus stimulating change in business. This solution is most frequently adopted by e-commerce firms. This flexible and scalable infrastructure has already been deployed by companies such as Spotify, Puma and Coca-Cola. Some continue to refer to the MACH approach as the “architecture of the future”.…

Recommendation Systems Improve Customer Engagement

How To Improve Customer Engagement? Recommendation Systems!

Recommendation systems are more than a buzzword. They have become one of the most popular ways to improve customer engagement and conversions on websites. An individual and personalized approach is a basic expectation, and users are much more likely to interact with brands that fit their current needs.  Let’s find out how recommender systems impact your business! What are Recommendations…


Why Do You Need a PIM System in Your E-business?

*Note: this blogpost was written by our friends at Ergonode in support of Commerce Days Transformation 2022. Check them both out! 👍 The implementation of a PIM system is a way to keep ahead of the competition in the future. With the expansion of the retail and e-commerce businesses, and the growing amount of product data to be managed, the adoption of…


What Are Omnichannel Experiences? Benefits, Trends, and Examples

*Note: this blogpost was written by our friends at in support of Commerce Days Transformation 2022. Check them both out! 👍 How can you create a cohesive experience for customers no matter what channel they’re on or what device they’re using? The answer is going omnichannel. What Is Omnichannel Content? Omnichannel content is about blending all channels together into one seamless…


E-Commerce & Retail Transformation / A History & Future of Convenience

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” George Santayana In 2021, Walmart overtook eBay as the 2nd largest e-commerce store in the US, with Amazon remaining number 1. While that might seem trivial to some, the implications are far from insignificant; a traditionally brick-and-mortar supermarket was able to overtake a long established, digital-native king. Surprising, of…


25 Years / How Digital Transformation is Changing the World

1997 was a very different place. Netflix had just started its rental service, DVDs were slowly taking over VHS and we accessed the internet via Netscape – at least those of us with the time and modem to do so. Even giants like eBay and Amazon were only 4 and 5 years old respectively. Google had only just registered its…


How to write an app for user authentication using JWTs

Introduction – a few words about authentication Authentication is simply verification of identity of a user in order to access protected resources. In the case of an application, the website asks for a login and a password previously defined by the user. If the values match, it is likely that the user is who he or she claims to be.…


Translation and Localization in Symfony 3.4 and 4.0

Website translation is a very popular and light topic, ideal for an introduction to Symfony. In this article, I’m will discuss the topic in a structured manner, focusing on Symfony 3.4 and 4.0. The included code snippets have been tested on both versions, but the application created while writing this article uses Symfony 4.0. A Traditional Approach to the Problem…


What Does an IT System Integration Developer Do?

The job called “IT system integration programmer” is not much of a buzzword for developers, especially those beginning their IT career. To explain the topic a bit, this article will discuss:  what is the role of an integration programmer. what competencies are required. why it is worth developing your career in this direction.  Before I got to Unity Group and…


So You Want to Be Agile? A Beginner’s Guide to Agile Project Management. Part 1

In an age of rapid technological progress, more and more companies are deciding to employ Agile methodologies to improve project management. Agile allows them to find ways to complete a project while not exceeding its budget and to develop solutions meeting the needs of their clients. We prepared a series of articles about Agile project management to answer your questions such as:…


IT architecture integration based on API-led Connectivity

API-led connectivity is a concept based on connecting data between systems through reusable and purposeful APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This connection is a method of delivering services within the meaning of Service-orientated Architecture (SOA). Read this article to find out: the nature of this integration model how this model is different from other solutions the pros and cons of this…