Global4Net joins Unity Group. Building a European champion of digital commerce transformation

  • The cooperation is a confirmation of the strategic aspiration to build a European champion of digital commerce transformation with great strength on the international market.
  • Combined, both teams will create one of Europe’s largest providers of Magento-based solutions for enterprises in the commerce sector.
  • Enhanced commitment to Magento technology marks the next step in developing closer partnership with its owner – global giant – Adobe.
  • The potential of two entities acting within one group will enable the achievement of approx. EUR 25 million in revenues by the end of 2022.

Unity Group has officially acquired Global4Net. While the first company already has the comprehensive portfolio of solutions to digitalize business, together, the two partners will create a strong leader especially in the offering of Magento and other Adobe-based services. As one of the largest teams of Magento experts on the Polish market, both companies are looking to use this new found potential to bolster their international operations.

“This strategic move represents our continuous drive in helping companies across Europe to successfully enable their digital potential and transform their businesses to thrive. Unity Group has been shaping the reality of Polish commerce for 25 years, implementing impactful solutions enabled by top technologies. The recent pandemic has only accelerated the digitalization process, which has expanded more in the last year than the last decade. The purchasing habits of consumers have changed dramatically, and along with them the expectations of commercial companies. To meet these needs even more, we decided to strengthen our competences and invite the Global4Net team to Unity Group. In both companies, there are very experienced specialists of Magento technology – the most popular platform for creating e-commerce systems in the world. In the era of exploding demand for digitization projects and global talent shortages, what counts most is people – strong and engaged teams of the best of the best.“ – says Dominik Janes, Managing Partner & Head of Business Development at Unity Group.

Under the transaction, finalized at the end of 2021, Unity S.A acquired 100% Global4Net shares. In exchange for this acquisition, the latter’s existing shareholders received 12% of newly issued Unity S.A. shares.

Together, Unity Group and Global4Net strive to build a European champion of digital commerce transformation and are expected to achieve approximately EUR 25.5 million in revenue by the end of 2022, versus approx. EUR 14.4 million achieved by Unity Group alone in 2021.

In the near future, both companies will retain their distinct brands and operational independence. The teams of both entities already have experience working together on numerous successful projects. The capabilities of each company also strengthens the other, enabling both to meet a diverse range of end-to-end digital transformation projects.

“I am extremely proud that our organizations have been able to join forces. The world of technology is developing very dynamically, and in order to build a sustainable competitive advantage in this area, it is necessary to be open to cooperation and mutual exchange of experience. Only in this way is it possible to keep up with the pace of technological changes that enable us to provide comprehensive service in the area of e-commerce. By combining the strengths of both companies, we are able to do it even more effectively. I am convinced that by partnering with our clients to develop their businesses on the path to them becoming e-commerce leaders, we will become a leader in the area of new technologies on a European scale” – says Andrzej Szylar, CEO of Global4Net.

With Global4Net’s extensive expertise in Magento technology the transaction is an ideal opportunity to develop a deeper partnership with the global giant – Adobe. Unity Group, on the other hand, specializes in a diverse portfolio of services. Alongside Magento, the business offers numerous e-commerce platforms, as well as Product Information Management (PIM), cloud and data-based solutions. Unity Group also offers modern and holistic integration solutions addressing a critical but often overlooked need in complex IT landscapes of its enterprise clients. Paired with each other, the companies can address a wider range of clients’ needs as a true end-to-end commerce transformation partner.

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