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PIM Data Syndication Illustration

Data Syndication: Effective Information Management

Product Information Management

Reliable and relevant information is a true asset. For companies operating in various industries, it often constitutes a significant factor in successfully communicating with customers and partners. Product Information Management (PIM) systems serve as tools for optimal information management, enabling organizations to gather, manage, and distribute product...

System PIM Best Practices

Product Information Management Best Practices

Product Information Management

Lots of products to manage and too many tools in the process? Or perhaps digital assets are scattered across the organization? Whether you’re a product manager looking to save time, or a business leader looking to improve operational efficiency, it’s never a bad time to make a positive change. Here, we want to share the best practices for...


PIM vs PXM / What is Product Experience Management & Do You Still Need It?


When it comes to across product content across multiple channels, product information management are fast becoming the go to tools. However, since tools are a means to an end, if you want to create a memorable brand and product experience, you should also consider the wider Product Experience Management approach. Understandable, it’s easy to get lost...


PIM for Retail / Mastering Information Chaos

Product Information Management

In today’s business environment, retail is much more than simply just “doing business”. Each and every retail business needs to constantly adapt to the customer demands, expectations and ever evolving shopping habits. Consumers, for example, may make a purchase in a stationary store, but at the same time they also use the phone: 72% of...

Banner przedstawiający osobę na kanapie, która przed sobą ma różne źródła informacji produktowych

What is PIM and When Is It Worth Implementing?

Product Information Management

Effective communication is at the heart of relationships, including those in business. But in order to deliver to customers and partners what they want to hear, we need consistent product descriptions and information that can answer any potential concerns. We wouldn’t be ourselves without sharing that, in such a situation, technology comes to the...

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