Headless Commerce – What Does It Actually Mean?


Before you choose the “universal” solution, stop for a moment and think about how you would like to see your sales systems in 3-5 years? What can change during this time and how often, or rather how fast, will you have to make modifications to keep up with the competition? Looking at the best – Amazon updates its applications...


6 Steps to Implement API Economy

Systems Integration

A few years ago, the notion of “API commercialization” was unclear and vague. Hardly any company grew its profitability by means of providing API. Today, it is common knowledge that the data held in-house and internal services are valuable and can generate returns. This applies not only to the internet industry companies but to every big organization....


IT Architecture Integration – SOA Model With a Dedicated Integration Layer

Systems Integration

The model with a dedicated integration layer is an alternative way of SOA implementation. Read this post to find out: the strengths and capabilities of this solution the weaknesses and limitations that you’ll have to deal with when to use SOA with a dedicated integration layer SOA with a dedicated integration layer in the services area has similar...


IT Architecture Integration – SOA Model in Direct Communication

Systems Integration

The model based on creating services without the use of a dedicated integration layer is one of the many ways to implement the concept of building a Service Oriented Architecture. Read this post to find out: the strengths and capabilities of this solution the potential and weaknesses of the solution when it makes sense to consider the SOA scenario...


How to Boost Your Online Sales With Machine Learning and Advanced Data Analysis? [Upsaily Launch]


It should hardly come as a surprise that the more saturated the e-commerce market gets, the more difficult it is to save your profit margin from shrinking. With soaring costs of customer acquisition and retention, many shop owners also feel compelled to slash their prices to adapt to their clients’ expectations amidst the ever-growing competition....


Talend – Capabilities of the Solution and Licensing Model


For many years, Talend has been recognized as one of the leaders of Data Integration. We have decided to look into the solutions it offers and present to you: Key facts about this software vendor. Description of the most important functionalities and products it offers. Features offered by the solution. Talend is a middleware software provider originating...


Free SSL certificates for test and development environments

Managed Services

If you have developed an application and are now facing a challenge of configuring your SSL in test environments, this article is just for you. Read on to learn how to: provide your environments with LetsEncrypt certificates automate their generation and renewal elegantly circumvent the limitations of test and development environments. Many an application...


Who Should Be Interested in PIM?

Product Information Management

Despite the growing availability of advanced systems to support product information management, not every company needs to implement them. Below we explore some of the indicators to decide whether it is worth investing in a Product Information Management (PIM) system. A large number of dynamically changing products The number of products is a relative...

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