Unity Group / Brand Book . One Voice

Unity Group started 2021 with a revamped public image! Read our Brand Book to learn about our new consistent voice, tone, presentation and how we communicate with the wider world!


What's Inside / Branding

Culture & History
Who we are, how we've evolved and where we're heading!
Mission, Vision & Values
Our goals for the future and how we strive to achieve them in everyday work.
Branding Guidelines
Fonts, logotypes, color palettes and the other essential visual elements that define Unity Group.
Brand Voice
How we talk and present ourselves to the world - and why we don't take ourselves too seriously.
Unity Duck & Employer Branding
Our core values for employees, internal culture and - of course - Unity Duck!

Want To Know
Even More?

Our brand book contains the core essentials of the new image. If you have any pressing questions or comments, please reach out to us directly!