E-book: How Do B2B Platforms Expand Sales?

Find out how to grow your business by implementing a B2B commerce platform. Download the e-book and check out the 7 steps to your e-commerce success.

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What will you find in this E-book?

Real figures on the implementation effects
Find out how to increase sales by 150% (SIG), conversion rate by 198% (Pneumat), and average basket value by 200% (Euroterm)
Outstanding success stories of construction industry leaders
Implementation and development descriptions of B2B platforms with presentation of their key functionalities
Analysis of the advantages of implementing a B2B platform
Practical solutions to challenges facing customers, salespeople and entire organizations
Inspiration and tips from professionals
Interviews with representatives of companies that have succeeded in e-commerce, despite operating in challenging industries
Platform success recipe in 7 steps
From identifying customer needs, to working with a trusted implementation partner, to ongoing platform development and promotion.

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Creating an effective B2B e-commerce sales channel is a demanding quest. Are you looking for experienced guides and reliable business partners? You have just found them!