School of Digital Economy Locally: Unity Group on B2B E-commerce 

The School of Digital Economy (SGC) is an educational project of the Chamber of Electronic Economy, which aims to develop the professional competences of representatives of the e-commerce industry. The project is aimed at people at different stages of their careers, including elementary school children.  

One of the most recent editions took place on October 05, 2023, at Unity Group’s headquarters in Wroclaw at 2-4 Strzegomska Street. The theme of the event was B2B e-commerce.    

As part of the project, there were 4 lectures, including two by Unity Group specialists. 

Lecture Agenda    

Topic 1 / How to Manage Products to be Effective in Digital Channels 

Speaker: Wojciech Miłek, Business Development Representative, Unity Group  

During the lecture, Wojciech introduced the topic of product information management and systems used to automate the distribution of product content (PIM-class systems – Product Information Management). He also discussed practical examples of the use of PIMs and the real savings associated with their use. He also demonstrated ROI metrics from the implementation of PIM systems in e-commerce.   

Topic 2 / How to Combine the B2B E-commerce Channel with Field Work   

Hosted by Angelika Jankowiak, Business Development Representative, Unity Group  

During the presentation, Angelika talked about how e-commerce platforms support traditional distribution and showed functionalities developed with sales teams in mind – such as a salesperson’s panel.  

Topic 3 / Pricing Policy in B2B – Digitalization of Sales Channels  

Moderator: Artur Piekarczyk, CEO of ONe Company  

Artur talked about pricing policies as the glue of transactions and building lasting customer relationships. He also touched on the design and implementation of a model that permeates and binds together all sales channels.  

Topic 4 / How B2C Familiar Payments Facilitate B2B Sales  

Speaker: Mateusz Kurowski – E-Commerce Product Sales Manager, mBank  

During the speech, Matthew talked about the practical applications of the tools available on the market and the challenges and limitations that affect this area.  

Detailed information about the event can be found on the organizer’s website here

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