Opening Unity Group’s New Krakow Office

We are pleased to inform you that, at the beginning of March, our Krakow team moved to a new office, which is located on the 5th floor of the Principio building at Armii Krajowej 25! A team of 70 people from the Krakow branch of the Unity Group will work in 750 m2 of modern, comfortable space.

We decided to change the office a year ago. In the old location, which we used since 2012, we simply stopped being able to fit. The number of employees has doubled since then and both our needs and expectations for office space have changed significantly. The most important purpose of the move was to create a comfortable space for our teams. In addition to the larger area and the higher standard of the office, we also needed a more representative place, with better infrastructure and more places for various types of work – both joint and independent. We also wanted the new office to reflect the style of Unity Group.

When looking for a new office, we cooperated with our team from the beginning. They had an impact on all decisions at every stage of the selection process had, including the most important – the location. All our employees were very involved: they came up with interesting interior design solutions, consulted logistics aspects and suggested solutions related to the functionality of the new office. Thanks to this cooperation, the space we have created meets the needs of our employees; it’s both practical and visually attractive for them.

Choosing a specific location was not easy, as there are many office buildings in Krakow offering comfortable conditions. In addition to the basic utility criteria, other important issues for us were:

  • arrangement options
  • office environment (greenery)
  • ease of access
  • the number of parking spaces
  • relations with the property owner
  • a possible increase in rentable space
  • a friendly place for people who ride bicycles and scooters
  • similar support or those interested in physical activity.

We also took into account the needs of our colleagues and clients, including good access from the A4 motorway, nearby airports and attractive hotel and catering infrastructure, as well as easy access to the center. Principio met all of this criteria and, in addition, we were captivated by the beautiful view of Krakow’s mounds and the recreational terrace on the roof of the building.

Together with the architecture team, our internal team worked on the design of the office space, the purpose of which was to define the key needs of employees and develop the final concept for the interior’s arrangement. Thanks to the commitment of our employees, who showcased their diverse competences and points of view, we were able to respond to the requirements of various groups of employees, in particular our implementation teams.

We’ve devoted a lot of work to preparing comfortable workplaces to meet the individual needs of specific teams – adapting to their size, type of work, acoustic needs, tools used, etc. Large desks with adjustable height, high-class monitor holders to increase workplace ergonomics, partitions acoustic and many other elements of equipment were selected by our employees after previously testing various models and collecting opinions.

Cooperation is one of the most important values of Unity Group. During the whole process, we watched how our teams work, what space they need to work with each other and with clients. We analyzed the load on conference rooms and asked teams about their experience. Thanks to this, the new office managed to create a large number of meeting places adapted to various types of work and meetings – from typically representative conference rooms to work spaces for teams.

The whole of Unity’s team is enchanted by Principio – not only is the building a ‘high level’ in terms of aesthetics, it is also very functional. We have a spacious lobby with a reception desk, proximity to parking spaces that meet our quantitative needs, a fitness club open 24 hours a day and a canteen [in preparation]. We enjoy a fantastic view of the charming green corners of Krakow – Zwierzyniec and Kościuszko Mound. We also took care of a space to relax – a large kitchen with a home living room conducive to integration, as well as a muted entertainment room resistant to sports emotions during FIFA games ?.

We know that the process of entering a new office will take some time. We’re still arranging and decorating the space. We listen to the comments and ideas of employees, as we want them to feel at home as soon as possible in the new office. After completing the work, we will definitely show you the final result!

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