2/9/2021, 2 PM CEST

Replatforming Done Right: Focusing Your E-Commerce For the Future

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Online shopping has changed. Both existing and potential customers demand a better online experience. This is influenced not only by the widespread use of online shopping and the accustomization that comes with it, but also by the competitiveness of digital stores.

The pandemic only accelerated a future already in motion. Large traffic peaks, efficient logistics, quick return processes and effective complaint handling, even bonus incentives and personalizations for loyal shoppers – all of these are now must-haves for e-commerce.

However, not all e-commerce platforms are ready to handle such demanding customers, nor can all platforms be expanded and connected with the growing range of systems and implementation improvements within your organization. Consequently, the technology debt is getting bigger every day. So, are these enough reasons to think about replatforming? Definitely!

Determine if it’s time to invest in a better e-commerce platform that meets all your customers’ expectations, bringing your business more profits for both tomorrow and the evolving future.

New opportunities to increase revenue

A new e-commerce platform will be able to improve the functioning of your business and thus increase your revenue.


Avoid digital debt

With replatforming you will gain new ways to develop your system without supporting technology debt


Support your customers

Every day, customers' habits and expectations are changing - with the new platform shopping experience should meet all their needs.


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Patryk Dolewa

IT Director, Gemini Polska

Passionate about modern technologies for over 15 years, Patryk deals with their practical application in various industries, such as manufacturing, banking, retail and pharmacies. He was responsible for strategic IT projects at GE Capital and building a global e-commerce competence center at Staples. Winner of prestigious competitions such as IT Manager of Tomorrow and CIONET Digital Excellence. He has been with Gemini Poland since 2019. As IT Director, he is responsible for the digital transformation of the organization, supporting its growth with modern technologies. A graduate of two faculties at the Gdansk University of Technology: Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics and Management and Economics.

Jens Fauth

Managing Director, Experience One

Jens Fauth has been Managing Director of the digital agency Experience One in Berlin since 2018. In collaboration with companies from the automotive, fashion and industrial sectors, he creates innovative experiences along decisive customer episodes – be it for medium-sized companies like Olymp or for large corporations like Bosch or Mercedes-Benz. In doing so, he always brings two perspectives to the projects: the perspective of a marketer and that of a digitizer. Throughout his career, Fauth has learned both disciplines from the ground up: the digital business as well as integrated marketing communications and brand management. He initially worked as a digital and product manager at DaimlerChrysler before taking on the role of client service director at Razorfish and Syzygy/Hi-ReS! where he was responsible for large automotive accounts such as Audi and BMW, among others. Fauth then spent four years as Managing Director at BBDO, one of the most creative agencies in Germany. Here, he was responsible for the global brand presence of smart (communication & digital).

Piotr Wrzalik

Managing Partner, Unity Group

In addition to his role as Managing Partner, Piotr is involved in international marketing and foreign expansion initiatives. He originally joined Internet Designers in 1997 as a programmer, becoming a shareholder a year later. Since then, he continues to be active in Unity Group. In the past, he created the first online bookstore in Poland, as well as one of the first B2B e-commerce systems. Today, he is active in numerous B2C and B2B projects, such as Euro-Net and Leroy Merlin, ensuring his unique expertise is never wasted.

Robin Müller

Chief Technology Officer, Tagesspiegel

Robin Müller is the Chief Technology Officer of the daily newspaper Tagesspiegel, based in Berlin. After many years in the e-commerce industry, he now implements learned methodologies and best practices in the publishing sector. In his daily work, he is in charge of Tagesspiegel’s digital strategy of and entire product range, as well as the transformation of the IT and Development departments.

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