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Mobile Application with an Innovative Invoice Payment System

Fast Invoice Payment
Optimized Purchase Process
Complete Expenses Control

The Challenge

Enterpay is a dynamically developing Finnish start-up, founded in 2013. Their extensive experience in the field of finance and payments, vast technical knowledge and innovative ideas have opened up the prospect of international development for the company. Enterpay offers the most advanced white-labelled solution for banks to generate revenue from invoice payments in the B2B e-commerce space.

As part of their ongoing innovation, Enterpay wanted to enable cashless payments and invoicing. However, the organization wished to verify the premise first and turned to Unity Group to assist in the development of a Proof of Concept.

  • Enterpay knew that many employees need to control their budgets and accounts while travelling on business trips.
  • Another key factor was collective invoicing, which would help users collate all data from transactions incurred during expense periods.
  • As part of their high quality standards, a strong User Experience was vital – even at the PoC stage.

The Solution

  • The initial design was a mobile-first web application which can be used to identify B2B buyer at the point-of-sale
  • In order to provide the highest quality solution, we cooperated with a long-term business partner - EDISONDA - as their UX and UI design specialities complemented both our initial vision and the work already completed in the backend. EDISONDA helped us design the visualizations and UX for the application. Their expertise, especially in the field of benchmarking trends and solutions, made it possible to analyze and recommend the best practices.
  • We worked closely with the client throughout the project, choosing the best solutions and necessary functionalities, such as adding users to the system, onboarding, payment selections and security options.
  • In the next stage, visualizations and mock-ups of the application were prepared. This approach allowed for the implementation of changes to the mock-ups and reduced the later risk of expensive code modifications. After this, we prepared graphic designs of the required views.
  • After logging into the account, the application generates a payment code (such as a QR or a barcode) which can be used to identify buyer at the point-of-sale. When scanned, the transaction is carried out through Enterpay’s existing backend.
  • The application was tested using simulations with a backend proxy API to support the test page.

The Result

Fast Invoice Payment
Users can efficiently and safely make cashless payments, even when travelling.
Optimized Purchase Process
Cashless payments for a collective invoice accelerate and facilitate the process of settling business expenses.
Complete Expenses Control
The employer can conveniently control the expenses of the employee budget.
Optimized UX
The end result has been carefully designed and tested for ease of use on the go.

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