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198% Increase in Conversion Rate With New B2B Platform

Growth online revenue
Increase in conversion rate
Growth in online transactions

The Challenge

Pneumat Systems is Poland's largest distributor of pneumatics. In its Wrocław headquarters the company also manufactures a range of products related to pneumatics and industrial automation, including flagship pneumatic actuators. For 45 years it has not only been creating modern technological solutions, but also supporting academic circles. The company offers more than 160,000 products. Additionally, the company offers a precision personalization service for each product.

Initially, the company only worked with business partners through cooperative agreements, and the full range of products was only available to users registered on a closed shopping platform. However, starting in 2019, the organization opened its sales platform to allow all companies and businesses free access to its products and offerings. As a result, it was necessary to create a fully customized platform that enables the attractive presentation of Pneumat's unique offerings. A platform that had to take into account the specific needs of the technical customer and therefore a completely individualizsed customer experience.

  • First and foremost Pneumat needed a modern B2B platform to support all their business partners.
  • As Pneumat enables advanced product customization one of the key requirements was to create advanced product configurators that allow input of multiple variables.
  • The recommended solution had to be seamlessly integrated with other internal customer systems such as ERP and PIM.
  • Since B2B sales are made in many foreign markets, it was critical that the products could be offered in multiple countries in different languages with dedicated terms and conditions (including multi-currency for the e-commerce system).
  • Contractors also needed the ability to export reports in XML format for implementation in their own systems.
  • The new platform was also an opportunity to increase administrative capabilities, better control account permissions, and provide both administrators and content teams with more opportunities for change in key areas such as SEO.
Mateusz Waligóra
E-commerce Manager

"The development of the e-commerce platform was a strategic business decision, supported by a series of changes related to the transformation of Pneumat’s operations. The online store itself was already a kind of icing on the cake. In mature companies, often based on traditional offline sales channels, proper preparation for e-commerce development is fundamental. Online sales require the automation of complex business processes in such a way that they can be scaled up later."

The Solution

  • We implemented a B2B platform based on our own Unity.Commerce technology, integrated with existing ERP, PIM and WMS systems.
  • We created an advanced configurator that allows the customer to create products on their own, based on values selected by them, along with the necessary data, such as the time of execution of a particular product and production capacity.
  • We added important solutions for institutional customers: a flexible XLS file generator, common company order lists, individual trade credits and dedicated purchasing matrices for individual customers.
  • We introduced five language versions based on integration with Google Translate, which will allow for free business development in additional markets in the future.
  • In order to relieve the warehouse from morning order peaks, we enabled the introduction of special sales offers during hours when sales were lower (the "Night Brands" promotion, which runs daily from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m.), allowing us to better balance the warehouse and optimize the shipping process.
  • We enabled the use of data from the company's internal systems to accurately display information about the number of available units and expected delivery times from our own and suppliers' warehouses.
  • We implemented the ability to split orders into parts, with different delivery methods, addresses and deadlines, while maintaining a single payment.
  • During the development of the solution for Pneumat, we made sure that it took into account all the customer experience requirements known from the best market e-commerce while maintaining specific functionalities related to the technical market in the B2B sector.

The Result

Growth online revenue
The new system has been positively received by customers, leading to increased purchasing activity.
Growth in online transactions
Customers are eager to choose the online sales channel, which is boosting the number of online transactions.
Real-Time Customization
Advanced configurator gives customers times & availability on the fly.
Costs Saved
Thanks to scalability of AWS, costs are kept in line with usage.
Language automation
Automated translations provide a time- and cost-efficient way to update foreign markets.
Future-Proof System
Thanks to language support, configurators and scalable servers, Pneumat needs minimal effort to enter new markets.
Improved Customer Experience
With the changes implemented, customers can more easily order exactly what they need.
100% Connected
Unity.Commerce is integrated with all systems, including third-party warehouses, to ensure data isn’t lost.
Mateusz Waligóra
E-commerce Manager

"Operating in the B2B market requires the ability to build relationships between business partners that are based on a comprehensive pricing and discount policy. That’s why our platform has functionalities that allow us to map individual trade terms for each of our customers in the online world, including: buyer limits, discount matrices, special prices or lower prices for volume purchases. Solutions that simplify and speed up the purchasing process are also extremely important. "

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