BRW Cross-border model

Solution: System Integration Industry: Furniture Industry

Cross-Border E-commerce Model for a Furniture Maker

Fast foreign market entry 
Reduced business risk 
Consistency of production data
Cross-border via marketplace

The Challenge

BRW has been manufacturing and distributing home furniture and decorative accessories for 30 years. A rich variety of styles, attractive prices and a wide range of products have made Black Red White one of the most recognizable and valued Polish brands since its inception.

As part of its ongoing digital transformation with Unity Group, the company decided to take a step towards e-commerce sales in the German market. To this end, BRW wanted to launch sales via Home24, a home products marketplace popular in Germany.

  • Black Red White’s goal was to make inroads into the German market and attract new business without engaging massive capital.
  • It was essential to integrate the marketplace sales mechanisms with the company's key systems, including Pimcore, and to automate sales and product adding processes.
  • The solution was to enable potential sales in other marketplaces moving forward. 

The Solution

  • We started the project by analyzing the company's business needs. As a result, we decided to use BaseLinker to ensure convenient sales in the marketplace.
  • In order to integrate the tool with the client's systems, including Pimcore and ERP, we used the previously implemented Unilinker integration platform.
  • Unilinker facilitates the transfer of the most important data to the BaseLinker: product data and category tree from Pimcore as well as stock levels, prices and invoices from the ERP system.
  • Unilinker-based integration runs automatically, detecting changes in source systems. As a result, system users do not need to take any action.
  • The monitoring of processes in the Unilinker layer and additional tools for active monitoring of business processes enable quick capture and elimination of errors.
Integration with marketplace for furniture manufacturer

The Result

Rapid Expansion
The integration with the marketplace and entering the foreign market took about two months.
Reduced Business Risk
The implemented cross-border e-commerce solution does not require major capital outlays.
Time Saving
The Unilinker platform automates business processes so that employees can focus on other tasks.
Consistency of Production Data
Unilinker ensures consistent product data in every system. Changes in one system are immediately reflected in others. 
Lower Risk of Errors 
New orders are placed without errors and thanks to active monitoring information about prices or stock levels is always correct.

450% More Products with Marketplace Integration

Black Red White

The company's main goal was to expand its offerings to retail customers and efficiently manage all product information.

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