Case Studies / AWS (Amazon Web Services)

[EN] Migration to AWS cloud and website maintenance

domiporta needed to find a new infrastructure provider and team able to quickly migrate the systems to the AWS cloud.

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[EN] M-Commerce Application With a New Pick-up System

Green Gorilla

A modern application for iOS and Android, meeting the company's business needs and customer requirements in the new reality.

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[EN] Improving portal performance and reliability using AWS


With a growing user base, Lubimyczytac’s portal management team asked Unity Group for support in strengthening the stability and security of the site.

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[EN] A Mobile Revolution in Taxi Travel


We supported the in-ride tablet system for flawless performance and integrated data insights.

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[EN] Digitalizing Wagon Repair Verification

GATX Rail Europe

The goal of the project was to pursue a custom, dedicated solution that gave company complete control over documents handling and exchanging.

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[EN] Provision of an Effective Sales Service and Online Store Using AWS


Days such as Black Friday caused a heavy load on the servers that the website became unavailable. This put Lisbon at risk of losing revenue in the mos

<store.optimized>  <costs.reduced>  <availability.maintained>  

[EN] Lowering the Operational Costs of Platform due to Migration to the AWS Cloud


Migrating a learning platform to the AWS cloud for better performance and results.

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Steigerung der Aufträge um 62 % für Druck & Werbung

McDonald's Polska

Wir haben ein neues System aufgebaut, um den gesamten Prozess der Bestellung von Marketingmaterialien zu ermöglichen.

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